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Let’s Accelerate Your Journey to Even Greater Success


 As someone who has already achieved an admirable level of success in your profession:

✔ You only want to create products and services that continue to reflect your commitment to client results and outcomes

✔ You want run your business it in a way that is efficient, profitable, and is in integrity with your values

✔ And you want to have confidence that what you put out to market will get the intended results for your clients and a sustainable income for you 


I’m here to help you do that!

By working with me, you get to COMPRESS TIME to results and increase likelihood of success by following one of our simple and efficient step-by-step processes combined with a level of 1-1 support from me that best supports your unique needs and budget.

Imagine what would open up for you if you always had clarity on what to do and if you ever feel stuck or unclear, we’d figure it out together.


“Her expertise and insights were incredibly helpful in making it a better course plus she gave me the confidence I need to launch and market it.“  


Women's Empowerment Coach

“You’ve opened my eyes to a whole new way of creating my course


Public Speaking Coach

“You really set the stage in your online course for everything you delivered to me in person and after watching you I got a great sense of what is possible and ideas for how I could create something on line that feels like me – something that has INTEGRITY!


Mental Health Counselor & Public Speaking Coach

Our Core Programs:

Thriving Online Program Accelerator

Idea to Income in 90 days. 

In as little as 90 days you will create, market, sell and get ready to deliver your premium online program or course. 

You will be guided step-by-step down the process via digital modules that you can do on your own time in the comfort of your own home or office. 

You will also be supported by Jane to help you tailor and implement all the steps with clarity, confidence, and ease. 

At the end of these 90-days, you will have a program that will earn you an additional $10k – $30k per month and allow you to disconnect your earning potential from your time! 

If you think that this may be for you – click on the Book My Clarity Call button below and let’s chat!

Marketing Intensives

You have your course or program fully mapped out and you KNOW that it will get your clients the intended results. 

You just need some support in getting the word out and attracting the right clients. 

Let me help you do just that! 

I will work with you 1-1 to help you create and execute the perfect marketing strategy to fill your course or program with confidence and ease! 

If you think that this may be for you – click on the Book My Clarity Call button below and let’s chat!



You already launched a course or program but it isn’t performing or selling the way you envisioned. 

Maybe marketing feels too effortful, or clients aren’t getting the intended results.

Our Optimize program may help. 

In this program, we analyze your course or program and the associated funnels, systems, and processes then provide a set of solutions that will help you get back on track. 

We can help implement if desired. 

You already invested time and effort to create your course and results you desire are likely close.  You just may not be able to see what  needs tweaking from “inside the jar” 

You deserve to have programs and courses that sell well and are enjoyable to deliver (and make you a ton of money in the process) and I’d love to help you do exactly that! 

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Not sure what you need or desire support that’s not included in one of the programs listed above? 

We can design the perfect engagement for your particular needs and budget. Our services range from $350 to $15,000+

Book your clarity call by clicking on the button above and let’s see if we’re a fit to work together. 

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