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Why You Haven’t Started Building Your Online Course

Starting something new is hard. Really hard.

It takes us out of our comfort zone, exposes limiting beliefs, and brings up fears we didn’t even know we had.

And if you’re building your online course (or, if we’re being honest – any major project), these fears can stop you from getting started in the first place.

I want to help you get past this block. Let’s start with the biggest reason I see well-meaning folks get stuck.

You lack clarity on the “why”

It feels great to jump into designing modules and thinking about fancy slides.

Picking out a software and watching the Teachable tutorials.

But if you don’t have a clear idea of why you want to build an online course in the first place, you will be skipping a critical first step.

Being really clear  on the why will allow you to:

  •  Get started with ease
  • Create the perfect course for your and your clients’ needs
  • And keep going when things get frustrating (because they will, on occasion, even with the best support)

Discovering your ‘why’ is a two-sided coin:

  1. You need clarity on what YOU want  when creating your online program and secondly, and no less important…
  2. You need to understand what you want your client to get out of the course you’re building

 Let’s start with you

 So ask yourself (get ready to get REALLY clear on the answers):

 What do you hope your online program will do for your life? Will it give you more time? More money? More recognition?

  • How do you hope it makes you feel? Successful? Powerful? Connected?
  • How will it change your day-to-day life? Will you be able to spend more time with friends and family? Will it allow you to work remotely and travel the world? Will it remove some of the things you don’t enjoy doing so you can focus more on what you do enjoy?

 Feel into that.

Does it motivate you?

 If not, then perhaps it isn’t what you actually want to do, or maybe you want to try the exercise again to see if you come up with answers that DO motivate you.

 Online courses don’t have to be just a product you add to your sales page. Done right – they can be a powerful business model that will finally allow you to create the business (and life) of your dreams and scale your success.

And you need to be ready for that success. In fact, you should prepare for it. Here’s how.

Creating something new is really hard (is there an echo in here?) so make sure your personal WHY is solid so you can move forward with more purpose and ease.

And now your client.

 The second piece of clarity you need when building your online course is what it will do for your client – both as a stand-alone offering as well as compared to your 1-1 practice (if that’s applicable for you).

 Get really clear on both the pain-relieving aspects of your program as well as aspirational ones.

 For example, your coaching program may remove years of hardened limiting beliefs (pain relief), so they can finally feel free to pursue the career they’ve always dreamed of (aspiration).

 As a comparison to your 1-1, ask yourself:

Will it help them achieve better results because you can create an online delivery method that’s more engaging and allows for more streamlined follow-up?

  • Will it save them money because you envision creating a less expensive course than your current program?
  • Will it allow them to interact with peers for deeper learning and integration because you want to create a powerful online community as part of your course?

Does this motivate you?

Does creating valuable results for others motivate you?

Do you get excited thinking about the “Aha!” moments they’ll experience?

Don’t be shy here, what are you REALLY offering your clients?

 Are you planning on offering them a premium, VIP experience? (Here’s how to do that)

 Go deep. Really deep.

 You may not have been ready to start creating your online program because you just didn’t have clarity of what this program was going to do for you and your clients.

 You didn’t yet have a WHY.

 So, I challenge you to do it now:

Grab a cup of tea and your favorite notebook and pen and jot down all of the reasons you want to create an online program 

 And then get started!

 We know that creating a high-quality and profitable online program requires a clear, direct, and flexible process. That’s exactly what my step-by-step Blueprint will help you with.

 Sick of trading hours for dollars? Let’s talk.

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Hi, I'm Jane

Hi, I'm Jane

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