Busting the Top Myth About Online Courses (& My Three Keys to Creating Powerful Online Programs)

Did you know that you don’t have to compromise the integrity of service or outcomes that you currently provide in your one-one model in an online program?

The idea that quality of service HAS to decline in an online delivery model is the top myth I hear about creating online programs or online courses. I will discuss this myth and share my top three keys to creating programs and courses that don’t suck. 

Are you shying away from creating online programs because you don’t want your clients having a less awesome experience or worse results than they do with your current model? You have worked hard to build a reputation of excellence and are not willing to compromise it.

Yet your client roster is full, or you’re working too many hours and need to add more balance to your lifestyle. You want to serve more clients, but your current business model does not allow for that.

Well, guess what? It is TOTALLY possible to keep or even exceed the quality of experience and results your clients will have, all while serving more clients and not working more (or harder).

There are three keys to creating powerful online programs that keep (or exceed) the quality of outcomes for your clients. 

Key #1

The first key to this is to develop and define crystal clear outcomes that you want your clients to achieve and to structure a course with a laser focus on these outcomes.

This is important because delivering results for clients in an online program can look different than in a traditional coaching model. By defining these outcomes and framing delivery around it, you focus on results rather than information. Every module, every piece of content, every action item that you include in your course – ask the question – Does this get my client closer to the defined outcomes? If the answer is not a clear “YES!” do not include it.

What’s the alternative? Something I see way too often in online courses and why they’re often ineffective – a hot mess of information dumped into an online course platform and sold as an online course or program. ​​​​​​​

So that’s the first key. I will share the second key, but first, let me ask you a question…

How many times have you heard people claim that you can launch your online program and sip margaritas on the beach without having to do any work?

We’ve all heard that one before…

I often hear aspiring creators refer to “passive income” as one of their goals.

Well guess what, passive income is almost never actually passive.

Things like having to update materials, answer questions from students, or marketing and delivering your course are NOT passive. There is ALWAYS some level of involvement.

But nobody talks about THAT… Because it is not sexy…;)

Most people who go in with this as their main goal are extremely dissatisfied at the amount of effort it does take to run even a self-paced program.

Here’s the truth – in order to create and deliver an online program that you feel really proud of and that actually gets your clients results there has to be a level of support that only YOU can give.

Key #2

So here is the SECOND KEY to creating that result:

Don’t shy away from offering one-on-one support or group support in your online program.

Sure, that may not result in sipping margaritas on the beach while your business runs itself.

However, by adding access to YOU, you’ll be able to greatly increase the outcomes your clients can get, and offer a stronger differentiator against competitors’ courses which means an exponentially higher price for you.


And you guessed it…This also means that you need fewer clients to reach your income goal and less effort will be needed for marketing.

If you’re wondering – ”What kind of support should I offer?”

Well, following on key #1 of leading with crystal clear learning outcomes for your students, what kind of support will best serve those outcomes?

Is it weekly one-on-one calls?

Group Q&A?

Moderated group forum?

Review their worksheets and offer feedback and advice?

What would serve your clients best?

Then price this accordingly!

And finally, on to 

Key #3

The third, and final, key to ensuring integrity of client outcomes is to leverage technology to improve learning and cause behavior change. My two favorite ways to do this are to:

(1) Deliver content in different modalities, and 

(2) Utilize automation and triggers to keep clients on track without spending my time doing it (so I can serve more clients!) 

Delivering content in different modalities (audio, video, text) is important because people learn in different ways. Some may zone out the minute they turn on a video but can focus on reading – highlighting and making notes along the way (visual learners). Others can’t concentrate on written content but are great auditory learners and will easily absorb information that way. By providing information in multiple ways, you are ensuring that more people can absorb what you’re teaching. 

As a process nerd, automation is something that makes me really happy and (because this isn’t just about me ;)) automated triggers can GREATLY improve behavior change you’re trying to create with your clients. It’s a way for you to keep your clients accountable for the assignments they need to complete without you wasting time checking in with them manually. These can be daily (or weekly) reminders or triggers based on when your client did or didn’t complete a certain online task or assignment. It’s a great way to keep them accountable and you free to impact more lives. 

So, there you have it – the top myth has been busted and you now have the top three keys to creating powerful online courses. 

I hope this inspires to you create an online component for your business so you can leverage your time, serve more clients, and expand your profit potential!  

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