Thriving Online Program Accelerator™

Idea to Income in 90 Days

The Thriving Online Program Accelerator™ is a no-fluff, step-by-step, fully-supported program to enable you to create and sell a high-quality, results-oriented online course or program on the topic of your expertise and passion in just 90 days.

You’re familiar with online courses and programs by now and how this business model will allow you to work less and make more… 

More money, a bigger impact, and more freedom. 


“I had a full time private practice which I can now start to scale back so that I can focus on my coaching business more. I could only see one client at a time and only get paid for the hour I worked with that client. Now, I can expand and help more people at once and get compensated handsomely for it.”

Dr. L. G.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Coach

 But the idea of creating it feels overwhelming

 Maybe you’ve heard the horror stories of courses taking months (or even years) of brain-drain to create, just to result in mediocre sales and outcomes. 

Or you’re confused about all the different options and decisions involved… and what about the ones you don’t even know about yet? 

Or maybe you’re dreading all the technology and marketing systems you’ll have to learn to make this a reality.

woman looking stressed

If this is you, then I have good news for you: there is a better way! 

Introducing the Thriving Online Program Accelerator™

The Thriving Online Program Accelerator is a 90-day fully-supported program designed to help experts launch their profitable and results-focused online programs faster and with more success so they can help more people in less time and add new income streams to their business. 

Three Layers of Guidance and Support

You may have taken other programs that have felt incomplete… the result you came for still felt elusive by the end.

Or even worse – an open-ended engagement with bills racking up but results remaining in the distance.

I’ve been there too, friend.

So I made sure to create a program that offered three layers of holistic support to enable you to reach your goals with confidence, clarity, and ease.

The Guided Journey

7 digital modules will guide you down the step-by-step path of creating and launching your profitable and results-focused online program. 

These modules cover every piece of the puzzle, ensuring that what you create is complete and comprehensive and your journey is clear and uncomplicated. 

Your access to these modules will never expire so you can follow this framework again for all subsequent courses and programs you will want to create. 


1-1 Support

Have you taken an unguided course where you reached a roadblock and had no one to call? 

Yep, it happens all the time. 

With this program, you have a choice of our Limitless support tier where I personally support you until you have your first two paying clients or the more budget friendly Turbo tier that comes with three powerful one-to-one calls. 

If you ever feel stuck or something is unclear, I’m just a phone (or zoom) call away. 

Collateral Reviews

You spent years building your professional reputation and want to make sure that what you put out into the world reflects that.

Included in your journey is the review of your course and marketing collateral so you can feel confident that you’re putting your best foot forward and will create the impact you’re here to make.

Limitless Tier gets unlimited reviews of any and all marketing and course collateral. 

With the Turbo Tier, you get feedback for 3 assets (e.g. course module, email, sales page, social media post, etc) 


Your Step-by-Step Journey:

This course will walk you down the creation path clearly and strategically, modeling best practices and content delivery models along the way,

Module 1: Lay the Foundation. Get clarity on your life and business vision and get intimate with the strategic creation process: the foundation for the rest of the process. You’ll also start implementing powerful mindset and high-performance practices to help you succeed and prevent sabotage.

Module 2: Reveal Dream Clients & Map Their Journey. A good online program solves one pressing problem for one ideal client avatar. This module will help you get clear on both and enable you to create the framework that takes your clients from where they are today to where they want to go. You also start having no-pressure conversations with these people to validate your idea and identify messaging that speaks directly to their hearts and souls. (Many of my clients effortlessly pre-sell their course at this point!)

Module 3: Create Your A to Z Launch Plan. “Course Launch” may be a phrase that causes your heart rate to go up. By getting clarity on what you want that day to look like early in the process, we can reverse-engineer the path to get there to make sure that you are prepared for an effortless (and profitable) launch.

Module 4: Build & Nurture Your Dream Client Pipeline. If you build it they will come. Or will they? Not if you don’t tell them about it! In this module, we begin building and nurturing your audiences so they’re ready to buy on Launch Day!

Module 5: Create Your Course With Clarity and Ease. Now is the time to pick your software platform and start organizing, recording, and writing your content. You will have determined in Module 3 how much of your content you will want to have ready by Launch Day so you’re unlikely to be creating the ENTIRE course at this point.

Module 6: The Bridge to Enrollment. Create and implement the perfect strangers to clients journey for your prospects to follow so that they’re ready to enroll as soon as your doors open!

Module 7: Enroll & Onboard Perfect-Fit Clients. Time to make that high-impact first impression! You will learn how to effortlessly enroll clients over the phone (or zoom) and how to wow your clients with the perfect first-touch experiences in your onboarding process so that your clients become raving fans from day one avoid that dreaded buyer’s remorse.

Bonus: Keep it Going Guide: Once you’ve celebrated your first successful launch, this Keep it Going Guide will teach you the processes, systems, and metrics that will support you in scaling the model you just created in a sustainable and low-effort way. 

Want to know if this is a good fit for you?

Our Core Tenets

get clear on the why

Investment in the Long Term

For us, this work is an investment in your future.

This isn’t about one hot launch or a one-hit-wonder.

Our guidance sets you up with repeatable systems and processes so you can make a sustainable profit from your course or program for years to come.


hand writing on board

Strategic, Zero-Fluff Guidance

While keeping it simple to follow, our guidance enables you to make the best decisions for YOUR particular situation and needs…

not follow someone’s cookie-cutter advice.

And we value your (and our) time, so this program is your most efficient path to results. No fluff, bonuses, or extras that may pad the valuation but steal your valuable time.

Mindset Matters

You could have the best strategies but still sabotage the &%#$ out of your progress.

Our course creation guidance is supported by mindset and high-performance tools that enable you to show up at your best and support your journey to success.


My Promise to You

We partner with  you on your journey to success

From support that doesn’t expire until you have measurable success… to our no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee for the duration of our time together… I created this program to be your key to success. We partner with you until you get results. Period. 


Want to know if this is a good fit for you?

You May Be Asking…

What if I don't have the time?

If you’re like most experts who come to me – your time is scarce. You have built your business to a point where you no longer have time freedom so I get the desire to not sacrifice what little time you have left. And here’s the uncomfortable truth: If you want to create a business model that uses LESS of your time to make the same amount of money, you need to start with an investment of time. We created a program that honors your limited time and is the shortest and quickest path to that result. It will take some time sacrifice and it will be worth it. 

Can you guarantee my success?

Nope. This is not a done-for-you program. This is a proven program that has enabled experts to create and sell successful online programs. You will be fully guided and supported to join their ranks.

A better question is: What will you do while in this program?

If you sit idly by, you will not succeed.

If you do the work, show up to calls, and take the time and effort to create your program, your odds of success will be high. Ultimately, your level of success will depend on your level of commitment and dedication to the process.

If you do the work, you will see results.

How do I know if this is a worthwhile investment?

Investing in your business is one of the best investments you can make.

Our program helps you create a tangible asset that you will be able to sell over and over – creating a high return on investment.

You will be able to effectively copy/paste the process you learned to create other programs and create even more new income streams.

Even more importantly, our program teaches you solid business principles and strategic decision-making skills you can use to improve other aspects of your business creating an even higher return on your investment with us.

How long can I access this program?

You will have lifetime access to the Thriving Online Program Accelerator digital course, including all future upgrades and enhancements. You will be able to use this exact process to create additional online courses and programs, reducing the need for future paid support.

Are there payment plans?

If you want to take advantage of the pay-in-full discount, we accept third-party programs such as PayPal Credit (6-month interest-free financing) or American Express PlanIt (low interest, set-term payment plans). Credit approval for these plans is up to the individual providers.

Our in-house payment plans consist of three- or six- monthly payments, with the first payment due on the date of enrollment.

What if I start the program then decide that it's not for me?

We would never want to hold you hostage in an experience you’re not enjoying. Our first goal would be to find a way to make you happy IN the program. If that isn’t possible, you will be able to take advantage of our 100% money-back guarantee during our time together. (fun fact: no one has ever asked us for their $ back. We know our programs are awesome and feel confident that you will too!)

What other costs do I need to factor into my decision?

The course delivery platform is the only true cost you’ll have. The ones I recommend are under $100 per month and lower cost options are available.

The other costs are all automation and outsourcing-related costs that will help you be more efficient and are not directly course-related. Here are the (optional) investments that will make your life as a course creator easier:

  • A virtual assistant – ~$10/hr – if you don’t already have one and can afford one (even if it means tightening up the budget somewhere else) – this is by far the best investment you can make for your business and life. This person can set up your course in the platform, create your email automations, and landing pages. A few hours per week is sufficient to start with.
  • Email automation – depends on size of your list. You can get away with a free option in the beginning. Platforms I recommend start at $40/mo
  • Landing page builder – this is for your ‘sales’ pages for your freebies, events, and courses. $27/mo +
  • Facebook ads – while not necessary, they are a fast and efficient way to build your list and get people to your events. You can get decent results for a few hundred dollars.