Are You Ready For Success?

We’re taught from a young age to be prepared for failure.

Buy insurance in case something bad happens
Have a plan B
Get a prenup

But have we been taught to prepare for success?

Imagine going on your dream beach vacation.
You work REALLY hard, sacrificing family time to save enough money to buy a plane ticket to Hawaii.
And you CAN’T WAIT to get there.
Everyone tells you how amazing Hawaii is, and you’ve seen the pictures.
So you get on the plane and you fly to Hawaii, excited to finally get to your dream destination.
You have no place to stay.
You didn’t bring a swimsuit, so you can’t enjoy the beautiful black-sand beaches.
You didn’t rent a car, so you can’t go see the majestic volcano everyone told you about.
So now you’re scrambling to figure it all out once you’re there.
Sure, you’re in Hawaii, but how is your experience? Are you able to truly enjoy it?

Nope, because you DIDN’T PREPARE.

And it’s the same thing in business or in life.
You may be able to get to your ‘success’ place, but how pleasant is it there if you’re not prepared?
If one of your success goals is a business that earns $40k/mo
Are you READY to be there?
Do you know how you’ll deliver what you promised?
Set up systems to ensure you’re not going to be aimlessly flailing around when you have more things to manage?
Do you have the mindset that will allow you to know that you deserve this level of success and won’t sabotage it for you?
Similarly, in your personal life, when you get married, do you prepare for what that “success” looks like?
Do you learn and practice the skills necessary for a healthy relationship or just wing it and hope and pray?
We are not taught to prepare for success.

Start planning for success now and see the powerful shifts that happen.

Step 1: Clearly define success
Step 2: Determine what’s needed – external and internal – for that success to be sustainable
Step 3: Do it!
How well are YOU prepared for success?

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Hi, I'm Jane

Hi, I'm Jane

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