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Does a Purpose-Driven Business Feel Like Smooth Sailing?

“So, is it all smooth sailing now that you have your soul-purpose business?”

My friend Anna asked me this while we were chatting for my interview for the Sacred Success Salon.

Oh hell no.

Just because you do work driven by your heart and soul doesn’t mean it’s always going to feel amazing.

“I’ve created my online business. Now what?”

Just because you created a perfect online business plan using just the right amount of wisdom, logic, and intuition doesn’t mean the entrepreneurial blues go away instantly.

That’s okay.

Your life doesn’t suddenly become filled with rainbows and lollipops. If that’s what you’re expecting, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

That’s okay too.

Emotional rollercoasters, disappointment, fears…these are all just part of this beautiful journey called life.

If you’re hiding behind fear, you’re going to want to read this. Trust me. 

Running an online business brings all your doubts and fears to the forefront.

A purpose-driven business?

Even more so.

And what if that’s exactly how it’s meant to be?

What if…

  • All the curveballs are just part of the journey, taking you closer to where you’re meant to be?
  • That client who didn’t enroll has just created room for one who’s a better fit?
  • The parts of your business that are a struggle are the ones to help you grow and level-up into who you were meant to be all along?

You have two choices.

(1) See resistance, doubts, and challenges as a signal that something is wrong…


(2) embrace the ride and lean into discomfort to see what’s on the other side!

In my experience, the latter creates more magic in the long run. Even if in-the-moment discomfort is really triggering.

Because discomfort isn’t coming from your intuition, it’s coming from your fears.

What’s the solution?

Feel the discomfort and do it anyway. 

If you’re sick of trading hours for dollars and want to work on your purpose-driven business, we should talk.

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The rewards and challenges of a purpose-driven business
The rewards and challenges of a purpose-driven business.
Hi, I'm Jane

Hi, I'm Jane

I am the founder of Scale YOUR Genius® and I am on a mission to:

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