Want to Create a Course That Sells?
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Pick a topic that has them saying "I need this!"
In less than 20 minutes you will:
Brainstorm a list of topics of courses that fit your passion and expertise (our powerful prompts will guide the way)
Rank these topic ideas using our simple-to-use scorecard and pick the one with highest likelihood of success
Learn critical tips and considerations for your course-creation journey in the accompanying video walk-through
We won't let you create a Crappy Online Course

Our mission here at Scale Your Genius is to rid the world of Crappy Online Courses.

We love helping in-demand professionals monetize their expertise in new ways.

Ways that will enable them to work less, make more money, help more people... and most importantly - do it all without risking their hard-earned reputation.

Scale Your Genius was founded by Jane Sagalovich, CFA in 2017.

Since then, we have helped hundreds of experts create their online courses and programs with clarity, confidence, and ease.

Grab your Cheat Sheet above and join us on our mission! 

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