So we created the Profitable Program Blueprint to help you sell online programs that don't suck

In this program, you'll quickly and easily transform your expertise into a profitable and results-driven online course or program.

Your plan will be unearthed from YOUR brilliance and desires, guided by our deep and fully supported step-by-step process. 
When you clearly see both "the forest" and "the trees" of your plan, everything aligns for a smooth, profitable, and client-centric experience
You will have everything you need to create something custom that you are proud to sell and deliver. 
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Your work makes a difference in this world and you're ready to make a bigger difference with your wisdom and expertise.

If there's one thing you know you won't do, it's put out a Crappy Online Course.

If you're going to scale, the client experience, the client results, the depth, the integrity... those have to stay.

Because you're here to make a real difference with your work, not just a bunch of money. Though of course, money is important too.

And you're ready to make a difference in more people's lives than your current practice allows.

“Genius is in the idea.
Impact, however, comes from action.”

-Simon Sinek

In working with hundreds of successful professionals to help them design, build, sell, and deliver their courses and programs, this became crystal clear:

Creating a  program from "inside" the haze of your expertise rarely teases out your best and most impactful work

Following a cookie-cutter step-by-step process does not let your unique brilliance shine in the way it's meant to

Trying to hack it all together on your own is painful, time-consuming, and has you spinning out into rabbit hole after rabbit hole, not actually making progress.

If this has been your experience too, join the club!

You are an expert in YOUR field.

Until your wild-hair idea of an online course came around, your expertise likely did NOT include developing new business models, diving into the crazy world of online marketing, or figuring out technology.

The good news is that it's easier than ever to create and launch a wildly successful online course or program.

Even better news?
We're here to help you do that in the fastest, most efficient, most aligned-with-your vision way possible.

In the Profitable Program Blueprint program, we will work side-by-side to help you unearth your most brilliant ideas, organize them into a clear and actionable plan, and uplevel all those ideas on 1-1 calls directly with Jane, our  Strategist here at Scale Your Genius (scroll down to learn more about Jane).

We work together until you have your Profitable Program Blueprint and Desire Builder Phrasebook fully completed to your satisfaction which you'll do following our simple guidance, fully supported until you feel completely satisfied with your plan.

You can register by clicking on the button below. As soon as your payment goes through, you will immediately receive your first exercise and a link to schedule your first One-on-One call with Jane.
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Not sure if this is the right program to help you meet your goals in the best way possible? Book a Clarity Call or send an email to
How does this work? 

You will follow these easy-to-follow, personally-guided steps to help you create the most aligned and likely-to-succeed plan possible

Step One: Unravel Your Brilliance in a guided brainstorming exercise

We do this so that your vision, desires, and wisdom lead the creation process.

Step Two: Dive Deeper in a 1-1 call with Jane

We'll dive under the surface to uncover things you can't see through the haze of your expertise.

Step Three: Reveal Perfect-Fit Clients

You will connect with potential clients to fine-tune how to talk about your program in a way that makes the right people say YES.

Step Four: Create Your Desire-Building Phrasebook

You will create a Phrasebook of messages that will inspire the right people to say yes. This Phrasebook will make your sales and marketing efforts much simpler and more fruitful and will have you ready to talk about your program and building your audiences right away!

Step Five: Shape & Organize ideas into a Blueprint

You will now take all those ideas you unraveled and distill them into a Program Purpose and a Profitable Program Blueprint following our easy-to-follow digital guidance. Everything you need to create, sell, and deliver your program will be addressed.

Step Six: Collaborate & Uplevel

On this 1-1 call with Jane, we will review your Blueprint and make sure that you're making the best decisions for all  the variables involved.

As they say - 2 brains are better than one! I will help layer business best practices and online business success principles on top of your vision and ideas to maximize the likelihood that what you create will bring you (and your clients!) the results you desire.

We work together until you feel completely satisfied with your Blueprint.

Step Seven: Finalize your Blueprint and do the thing!

We PARTNER with you on this journey
Your wisdom and vision leads. Supported by our process that helps you unearth it and organize it. 
You are covered by a full money-back guaranty for 30 days from registration date.

We work together until you have an offer designed that feels clear, desirable, and actionable.
The investment to work together until you're 100% satisfied with your Profitable Program Blueprint is $2,500 (payment plans available)
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In THEIR words
Your course made all the difference in terms of helping me make sense of what I want to say and how everything is structured.
- G. G. Attorney 

Her expertise and insights were incredibly helpful in making it a better course plus she gave me the confidence I need to launch and market it.
C.S. Relationship Coach 

You are truly gifted at getting through the top layer of “stuff” to the real deal
N. W.  Psychotherapist

I had a full-time private practice which I can now start to scale back so that I can focus on my coaching business more. I could only see one client at a time and only get paid for the hour I worked with that client. Now, I can expand and help more people at once and get compensated handsomely for's been streamlined and empowering every step of the way.
L.G.  Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Coach

The first exercise made me realize that I’ve been looking at this course through the wrong lens… From there, Jane supported me in creating what I feel like I intended to create all along. I just couldn't see it through the haze of my own expertise. 
T. S. Speaking Coach

Oh my gosh, this module was incredible! I loved how these things that usually leave me in a swirl (calculations of any kind) felt so digestible and doable. The customer avatar questions were some of the best I've seen so far. I have so much clarity around my course already and it's only the second week!
J. H. Women’s Empowerment Coach

I love how you have helped me to articulate what I'm actually trying to do at the core of my work. 
L. B. Small Business Consultant

You've opened my eyes to a whole new way of creating my course
C. S. Public Speaking Coach
Meet Your Guide

HI!  I’m Jane

I founded Scale Your Genius in 2018 to help people whose work makes a difference in people’s lives make a bigger impact, make more money, and have more freedom in how they do their work.

Since founding Scale Your Genius, I have helped hundreds of qualified experts create, sell, and deliver their online courses and programs with clarity, confidence, and ease.

With an M.B.A and a CFA under my belt, over 15 years in high-level corporate roles, and a  business owner and entrepreneur since 2014, I bring broad and extensive expertise in all things business and strategy and am gifted in distilling it into powerful and transformational client work using a powerful combination of logic, expertise, and

People Often Ask: 
Q: Will it work for me?

If what you’re desiring is clarity and confidence in all the elements of your offer, how to best price it, and how to talk about it in a compelling and desirable way so that you can sell it easier and help your clients have better results then absolutely.

I’ve seen firsthand how this process has changed the lives of experts we’ve worked with. And most importantly, the lives of their clients. The ripple effect is real and you're here for it. 

This program is the ultimate way to start the journey towards your scalable, mission-driven online business so you can make more money and help more people without working more.

Q: How much time will this take?

Because it’s an Outcome-Based Program (meaning that we work together until you have a Blueprint you love), there’s no set time frame. Some people like to knock it out quickly which can be easily done in a few hours per day over 7-10 days. Others have a longer creative process. I’m here for you for as long as it takes for you to have a plan you’re ready and excited about executing.

Q: How many 1-1 calls do I get? 

As many as it takes. This is an outcome-based program, meaning that we work together until you have a Blueprint that you love.

Q: Is there a guarantee? What if I sign up and then decide it's just not right for me?

That's a great question!

To ensure that you’re unbelievably excited about—and satisfied with— the Profitable Program Blueprint, you have a full 30 days to get 100% of your investment back.

There's no rush, and no catch. If you decide that the program isn't right for you at any time during those 30 days, simply contact my support desk at, and we'll promptly issue a full refund.

Essentially, this means you can join the Profitable Program Blueprint right now for a full 30 days, without any risk.

Q: What happens after the blueprint is created?

You'll have all you need to start creating and marketing it. If you'd like support with that process, our month-to-month Execute program can help you do that so you will be supported for as long as you desire. You'll have much more clarity about what kind of support you may desire after you go through this program and have a completed Blueprint.

Q: I already have a program but it's not selling/performing well, will this work?

Yes! And it's the best way for you to reclaim a return on all the effort you've put in so far. The work you've done will most likely feed nicely into what you'll design here. This is the best strategy for taking what you already have and tweaking it. The smallest tweaks can yield the greatest result, yet this entire process is needed first.

Q: I have a team, can they be involved?

There are pieces they can be involved in, but this is a process for the CEO.

Q: I have a question that's not addressed here, what should I do? 
You can book a Clarity Call with Jane or send an email to

All set? Register today and have your Profitable Program Blueprint ready to create and sell in as little as a week.  
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