How Much More Profit and Impact Can You Make?

When transitioning from a 1-1 coaching or consulting model to a leveraged online model

Have you been wondering what’s possible for your impact and profit if you were to create an online program?

In this video, I show you the math of transitioning from a 1-1 model to a leveraged online model.

Want to Calculate This For Yourself?

Hi, I'm Jane

Hi, I'm Jane

I am the founder of Scale YOUR Genius® and I am on a mission to:

  • Rid the world of crappy online courses
  • Demonstrate that online does not have to equal cheap, poor quality, or providing inferior results
  • Inspire and guide coaches, experts, and consultants towards building more wealth, creating more impact, and having more freedom in their lives by helping them create results-driven, profitable, and sustainable online programs in their area of expertise

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