3 Tips To Shift From Perfection To Excellence

Can we please talk about perfectionism?

Did anyone else wear it like a badge of honor like I did for so many years?

Perfectionism is a funny thing.

We are raised to think that it’s a good thing – why shouldn’t we strive to be “perfect”?

We may even see it as black and white – perfectionist or slacker.

Yet, the pursuit of perfectionism has a choke hold on us, preventing us from taking risks, being vulnerable, being creative, moving forward, and living the life we’re meant to live.

So, we sit in the safety of our comfort zone because we don’t want others to see us fail.

And the things we do take on we set such a high bar for ourselves that we can never reach it so we’re feeling like a constant failure.

And guess what that leads to?

Setting an impossibly high bar for others and being constantly disappointed with them too.

How does that feel to them?

What does that do to our relationships?

So, what’s the alternative?

Striving for excellence and greatness.

Focusing on the journey rather than the destination and trusting that the destination will be perfectly imperfect.

So, if you recognize yourself as the perfectionist hat wearer often, and you want to refocus on excellence from perfectionism, what do you do?

Tip #1 – Give love and compassion to that perfectionist side

For the perfectionist part of you to take a back seat, it’s important to acknowledge it with love and compassion. It’s probably responsible for many of your wins and successes. So, thank it for what it’s given you, praise it, and then tell it to take a back seat while you re-calibrate your definition of successful outcomes.

Tip #2 – Give yourself permission to set realistic goals and CELEBRATE!

This is important. Most of us who can identify as “achievers”, “over-achievers”, or “perfectionists” likely have a very skewed idea of what is realistic or what is “good enough”.  

Take some time to reflect and journal on what bar you set for yourself.  When did you disappoint yourself because you didn’t reach a self-imposed level of greatness? When did you achieve something, but it wasn’t “big enough” so it didn’t really “count”?

Where can you be gentler and more compassionate with yourself so you have permission to ACT more rather than sitting in the safety of inaction? 

With that in mind, can you reset your “good” filter? Can you revise when you allow yourself to do something and celebrate the wins that your perfectionist side considers to be not enough or just average? 

Now, this NOT permission to be a slacker but rather just permission to cut yourself some slack . Paradoxically, this will actually result in you achieving more than you ever could when your perfectionist voice was keeping you inactive and small. 

Tip #3 – Do that thing you’ve been procrastinating on

And finally, if you have something you have been procrastinating on because the time wasn’t perfect, it’s not 100% polished, or you weren’t able to give it 100% so you’ve been giving it 0% instead, do that thing now!

And know that you might stumble. 
AND you’ll survive. 
ANNNND you might even be very surprised at the reception of your “imperfections” (because really, that’s way more likable than ‘perfection’)

*Maybe you decide to publish and market your online program when it’s not 100% to your liking (but is still damn good and will accomplish those outcomes you defined for your clients)?

*Or FINALLY, do that Facebook Live you’ve been dreaming up yet have been too scared to do because you might stumble all over your words and feel like a fool?

*Or maybe you take the first step towards fully committing to your business which you’ve been scared to do because you think you might fail?

What can you commit to that requires you to take that perfectionist hat off for a bit?

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Hi, I'm Jane

Hi, I'm Jane

I am the founder of Scale YOUR Genius® and I am on a mission to:

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