Do you remember that perfect vacation?

Everything exceeded your expectations.
And you raved about it…for months afterward.
That’s how your online program should be—designed like the ultimate vacation experience, where the client experience is the priority.
And I’ll let you in on a secret…

If you want to charge a premium price, you need to create a premium experience!

What you’re providing your clients is the entire experience with you – from the moment they hand over that credit card number all the way through the completion of your program and their amazing results: the destination.

Just like that vacation to Hawaii, they want to go on.

Before they ever get on the plane (AKA the beginning of your work together), what does the onboarding process look like?
What kind of experience are you creating for your clients with your online program?
Are your clients getting VIP treatment with free snacks and cocktails in the lounge and a personal guide to the departure gate?
Or are they fending for themselves? 
You know, looking for the departures screen, trying to find the gate, and hopefully a clean bathroom and some water on the way to the overcrowded departure section with the people flying in the $99 seats?
Once they start the program or get on the plane – are they treated like first-class passengers with a hot face towel, dedicated attendants, and a curated meal? 
Or is their experience similar to sitting back row by the toilets with a pack of peanuts thrown at them as the busy staff hurry past their row?

Which experience will allow them to feel cared for more?

Which experience will feel more valuable and worthy of the higher price?

Even though both experiences take them to the same destination, one version creates raving fans, justifies a higher price, and creates a better experience at the destination – arriving calm and refreshed, and possibly a bit tipsy.
So, let’s circle this back to creating an online program for your clients.
When it comes to creating a program for your clients, the journey AND the destination matter.

Think of it this way: 

Hawaii is the result your program gets.
Absolutely, positively the most important factor.
That nice plane ride won’t be worth it if you drop them off in the middle of a hot, desolate desert…
This is the same as your online program not delivering the promised results.
But don’t forget to create a premium and memorable experience for them either.

Here are 3 keys to creating a first-class service experience (AKA creating an incredible online program experience) for your clients:

  • Understand how you want them to feel while in your care 
  • Infuse that vibe into every touchpoint from the moment you make payment 
  • Design an experience that makes them feel supported, taken care of, and expertly guided throughout the entire process
When the process of creating an online program feels overwhelming, I’ve also written these tips for preventing overwhelm and simplifying the program creation process.
These steps don’t need to be difficult but they do need to be intentional.

Use these keys, and your clients (and your bank account) will thank you!

Helping you create premium experiences for your clients in your online programs is a key part of how I support you in our work together. 
If you want to create programs that make your clients feel like VIPs and justify those higher prices – let’s chat!
If you know you have the expertise and are tired of trading hours for dollars, let’s talk. Click here to apply for a discovery call.