Online Courses Are Not the Silver Bullet to Scaling


Online courses are not the silver bullet to scaling.

I understand why you think that.  You’re flooded with messages day in and day out proclaiming courses to be the silver bullet to escaping the trading time for money trap.  

But think about this: Does everyone who creates an online course end up raking in millions of dollars while sipping margaritas on the beach? 

Of course not. 

More importantly, how many people do you know who had a life-changing experience from taking an online course? 

Probably not many. 

In fact, you can probably think of at least one peer who tried to sell a course and it flopped. Not only that, but the few of their courses that did sell did not deliver the intended results. 

Watch the video or scroll down for the text version if you prefer to read. 


What high-performing and profitable courses and programs have in common.

But when we look at what high-performing and profitable courses and programs have in common,  it’s the connection with you, the creator. 

So how do you scale your practice beyond working with just one person at a time, deliver something desirable and profitable, and continue providing clients the intended results?

The key is to balance efficiency and high-touch service in a way that best optimizes your time, enhances your client results, and maximizes the profits you can earn from delivering them. 

You can do this through a model I call the Hybrid Online Course and it’s basically where you combine digital modules of things that you say over and over again with personalized support that can ensure your clients get the support they need to get that intended result. 

It is the best next step for scaling for people in helping professions whose work makes a real difference to their clients, yet they know they want to help more people than their current business model allows them to.  


The steps to creating a hybrid online course

The steps to doing this are simple. 

1. The first step is to get crystal clear on your strategic vision for why you want to scale your practice and what kind of results you want to help your clients create 

2. The next step is to separate what can be delivered via efficient and scalable digital modules vs what needs more support to be able to create the intended results. Understand your tradeoff of high-touch service and efficiency and pick the balance that best fits your and your clients’ needs 

3. The third step is to create the digital course. You do this by defining your client’s starting point and destination and identifying the steps in between. That becomes your modules. 

4. Finally, you attract and enroll clients to your hybrid course by creating core messaging and a conversion event that has them saying “I need this” 

And that’s how you scale your practice in a profitable way that doesn’t sacrifice client results. 

Right now, you have a choice. You can keep thinking that online courses are the silver bullet way and either not feel inspired to move in that direction, or you bite the bullet and create something you don’t feel proud of.  

However, by balancing efficiency and high-touch service and creating a hybrid online course, you’ll be able to help more people in less time and do it at the deep level you and your clients desire. 

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