An estimated three hours a day are spent on a mobile device by the average person, according to statistics.

We already know that a significant percentage of that time is spent on social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but everyone who possesses a smartphone will use other apps from time to time.

Apps are now available for anything from major chain grocery stores to tiny enterprises such as hairdressers, coffee shops, and even work-from-home firms.

Coaches, consultants, and online course creators are also utilizing mobile apps to connect with their clients “on-the-go”.

Mobile apps allow people to pay their bills, shop, conduct research, and perform a variety of other tasks on the go.

They can also consume your course content directly from their phone, enabling a closer connection and stronger results.

If your company is one of the few that does not yet have a mobile application, you face the danger of slipping behind your competition.

In this article, we discuss the top three reasons why having a mobile application for your business may help not only your customers and clients but you and your company as well.


1. Greater visibility and exposure to the public

It has already been stated that the American public, and indeed the public all over the world, spend a significant amount of time on their smartphones or tablets and that even when they only visit one or two apps or websites during that time, they will still be searching through their phones to locate them.

Even if they do not go to your app’s website, they will see it on their device. To take advantage of this, you will need a visually appealing app graphic. Even if they are not aware of it, this will attract their attention and make a lasting impression in their minds, and they will recall you in the future when they require your assistance.


2.  It has the potential to open up a direct channel for marketing and advertising efforts.

An application can do a plethora of different tasks. The right website can provide valuable information about your company, prices for products and services, the ability to book services or purchase goods, the ability to contact you, the ability to search for information, the ability to participate in forums, the ability to follow a news feed, and much more.

On a desktop website, customers have to click around a lot more and may be enticed to look at competitors’ websites.

By having an app, everything is in one location, which makes it much easier for your customers to receive what they need from you and finish the transaction as a whole.

They can also choose to receive push notifications from your company, which will keep them up to speed with the most recent information and offers from your company.

Maintaining the clarity and simplicity of your app’s interface is critical to its success so as well as looking at the app design cost, look at the credentials of the software development company too.


3. It can assist you in establishing your brand’s recognition.

Building brand recognition is one of the most critical things a company can do to ensure its long-term success.

Your app should be trouble-free and simple to use, as well as providing your customers with critical information at their fingertips. It should also be stylish and professional, as this will represent your brand and its ethos, as well as help your customers recognize what you are all about, and this will help them to remember you in the future.

It is estimated that individuals must view advertisements and logos or hear about your brand approximately twenty times before they will be able to recognize and recall it when the time comes.

This is referred to as the ‘effective frequency’.

Through the use of an app, you can increase the visibility of your business while also speeding up the process.