Strategy + Mindset = Magic Sauce for Success

For most of my career, I was laser-focused on strategy and execution.

The mindset (the stories and beliefs we tell ourselves about what’s going on) didn’t matter much in the corporate environment for me.

 I was an actor in someone else’s play.

So I played along until one day I realized that what I want from my life and career does not lie within the limiting walls of a corporate culture. I don’t make a good actor for someone else’s story. So, I jumped ship.

I knew strategy would be easy for me. I thrive on creating a vision, setting goals, and developing a process to get there.

I saw many entrepreneurs and business owners flailing around without a good strategy and I KNEW I can help them. 

But this is when I started seeing my limiting mindset starting to hold me back.

Perfectionism caused inaction, hate of “average” made me freeze in my tracks about putting out anything short of transformationally amazing. Memories of an A- grade not being good enough for my parents transforming into “how can I possibly do something that’s good enough?” 

It was a rough landing from “of course I will be successful as an entrepreneur” to “uhhhhh… why am I stuck?” 

Years of mindset work are slowly getting me to a place where I’m starting to see what’s possible for me without the limitation of my story.

I feel my business finally starting to shift from existing to thriving. 

Because strategy wasn’t enough. 

Entrepreneurship is hard. Our shit gets in the way. A lot. 

So, this is why mindset work is such a huge part of what I continue to do for myself and focus on with my clients. Because the lows are f-ing low and we need someone to hold our hand through it. We need someone to reaffirm that we aren’t crazy or lazy or ‘not enough’. We need that someone to be our cheerleader for what’s possible. Someone to call bullshit on our stories.

And that’s (part of) the role I play with my clients. 

Now, as important as mindset is, most would fail if we didn’t first create a thoughtfully developed strategy for their businesses and online programs. 

Strategy is the foundation

The first thing to do when creating a new business, re-routing an existing one, or developing a major new initiative, such as online programs, is to develop a strategy. 

I like to explain strategy as the “how” of getting from “here” to “there”.  

In order of development, you define the “here”, the “there”, and then the “how”. 


The first step is one most people miss when developing a strategic plan – taking an honest inventory of your “here”.

To figure out how to go from “here” to “there”, the ”here” needs to be clearly defined.

What are your resources? Your skills? Where are you REALLY starting from?

It’s so incredibly important to have great clarity around this to be able to develop a good map towards your vision. 


You have to know where you’re going before you start moving. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there and where you end up may not be anywhere close to where you want to be. 

Pilots understand the importance of being on target towards their destination. The 60-1 aviation rule states that if a pilot is 1 degree off target, they’ll miss their destination by one mile for every 60 they fly.

It’s just as important for us to have a crystal-clear vision of our destination and a detailed, well-developed plan of how to get there. Seemingly small deviations can take us well off course.

(It’s also totally okay for the destination to change as we learn and grow!)

Start with a Life Vision

As entrepreneurs, we can create whatever we want for our businesses. We create our stories, so why not create something that takes us towards our life vision? 

Now that your life vision is crystal clear, you can start working on your business vision – your “there”. When creating online programs, we work on the business vision first, then determine how the online program will fit into that. 


Next is the action plan that takes us from “here” to “there”. These are the goals – long and short term and the specific action plan that will allow you to reach those goals. 

If this sounds stuffy and limiting, in (good) practice, it really isn’t! It’s important to review and revise strategy on a regular basis. Your vision may or may not change but your “here” definitely will!

So review those plans on a regular basis to make sure you’re working off the best data. 

And now the mindset work comes in 

Were you able to create a vision that’s ‘big’ enough or are you scared of putting something big out there so you don’t fail?

Did you have some setbacks during execution that brought up unhealed shit from childhood and make you question why you’re even doing this? 

Do the visibility and vulnerability required in a successful marketing strategy want to make you hide out in the safety of your room for the next month?

Yep, all of these may happen. And hundreds of other stories that doing something big unearths.

And if you don’t have a way to get through those (e.g. coach or support system), then the process will really suck even if you had the best strategy going in. 

So that’s why we do both. Because each is important, but neither will get you to where you want to go on its own. 

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