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Love: The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Most businesses today are run on fear, rather than love.

Competition, scarcity, risk-aversion.

It’s the model we’re taught in business schools and see modeled as examples.

I took the long road

I always knew that I wanted to work in ‘business’.

Moving to the United States from Ukraine at age 10, I became in awe of private business – something I didn’t see while living in a Communist regime.

I was magnetized by capitalism, private enterprise, and the power of businesses and wealth to create really amazing things.

A young girl for whom anything felt possible because she was whisked away to the land of opportunity.

So I got a business degree and worked at a Fortune-50 company for 5 years. I didn’t feel like I was changing the world. I felt like I was spinning in place, executing on meaningless direction, stuck in a culture of fear, scarcity, and greed.

The Next Steps

So I went back to business school. With an M.B.A. in Values-Based Leadership and a leadership role at my university’s Net Impact chapter (an organization focused on businesses creating a positive impact in the world) I thought I’d get closer to where I wanted to go – changing the world through business.

And I did.

But two