Most businesses today are run on fear, rather than love.

Competition, scarcity, risk-aversion.

It’s the model we’re taught in business schools and see modeled as examples.


I took the long road

I always knew that I wanted to work in ‘business’.

Moving to the United States from Ukraine at age 10, I became in awe of private business – something I didn’t see while living in a Communist regime.

I was magnetized by capitalism, private enterprise, and the power of businesses and wealth to create really amazing things.

A young girl for whom anything felt possible because she was whisked away to the land of opportunity.

So I got a business degree and worked at a Fortune-50 company for 5 years. I didn’t feel like I was changing the world. I felt like I was spinning in place, executing on meaningless direction, stuck in a culture of fear, scarcity, and greed.


The Next Steps

So I went back to business school. With an M.B.A. in Values-Based Leadership and a leadership role at my university’s Net Impact chapter (an organization focused on businesses creating a positive impact in the world) I thought I’d get closer to where I wanted to go – changing the world through business.

And I did.

But two good-on-paper jobs later, the disconnect was still gnawing at me.

These companies were meeting a need and doing it extremely well.

But they weren’t changing the world.

They were keeping it status quo. They were praised for great corporate cultures but it all still felt so … stale and inauthentic.

I didn’t know what was missing. Why I wasn’t feeling inspired, powerful, and driven. Why I dreaded Mondays and wasn’t eager to jump out of bed every day.

That hopeful little girl’s dream of making a difference through business was not coming to fruition.

And so I left. Working for myself for the last 5 years, I reclaimed many things that were missing for me in my prior career – contribution, freedom, personal power…

The JOY of making a difference in my clients’ lives and the excitement for each and every day. Getting out of bed became effortless and Mondays were just another day I get to make an impact in someone’s life.


And the Final Missing Piece

And then the final piece of the puzzle came into view … LOVE.

Business relationships based on love.

Where everyone is free to be exactly as we are, free to feel and express everything, and it’s all met with pure acceptance and love.

What most businesses miss, why contribution for most ventures levels out, is that they’re being run on FEAR rather than LOVE.

In the corporate world –

? This looks like being scared about competition taking over, instead of feeling the joy that the space you’re in is needed and others helping serve it makes it better for all.

? This looks like acting in competition with coworkers out of fear that you’ll be passed over for a promotion, instead of playing team and seeing the humanness in your coworkers, bosses, and employees and the power of everybody rowing in the same direction.

? This looks like playing by the bullshit rules created by industry or organization, at the fear of not being accepted, valued, and respected, instead of showing up from power and love and trusting that everything will turn out exactly as it should.

In our own businesses –

? This looks like enrolling a client that we shouldn’t because we fear not having enough, instead of lovingly turning them away and towards someone who can help them better.

? This looks like creating strategies and tactics from our heads that sound good but aren’t ‘big’ enough because we fear failure, or more likely – success, instead of tuning fully into our hearts and souls and creating something from pure love.

? This looks like hoarding our ‘best’ information, fearing that they then won’t want to buy from us because we gave it all away, instead of showering everyone with love through our wisdom and brilliance and trusting that there’s plenty more value we offer our clients beyond the information we put out there.


And here’s the punch line:

When every business is powered by love – we CHANGE THE FUCKING WORLD.

Because there will be no more competition, no more scarcity, no more fears.

So here’s my challenge to you:

Approach every person you come across in your business – clients, partners, co-workers, managers – from PURE and INFINITE LOVE and watch your life and the world shift.

Let’s do this!