teaching in online program

Many people think that teaching live is more effective than pre-recorded teaching when teaching in your online program. But is that actually true?

Is it possible you’re doing your clients (and yourself) a huge disservice by believing that teaching live is best? Now, you probably know that live is less scalable, but what about how effective it is for helping clients get the intended results?

The answer to this one surprises many.

Watch this video as I break down this common misconception and share my tips on what a well-balanced live/digital program looks like, or scroll down to read the rest.


Watch: Live vs. Pre-Recorded Teaching

Most people believe that live teaching is more effective than pre-recorded but that might be the biggest lie in the training and coaching industry and it is hurting your ability to scale and help more people without working more.

I get it.

You have probably taught live most of your career – and been successful with it. You probably even enjoy it! So it makes sense that you think that live teaching is better than pre-recorded teaching.


Does teaching live guarantee success?

Let me ask you this: If live in an online program teaching guaranteed success then everyone who came to a live training event would get exactly what was intended, right?

Yet, I’m sure you can think of at least one time you saw someone dozing off in the back of the room and who knows what people who have their cameras off during a live virtual training are doing. Has there ever been a time you were in a live virtual training and you didn’t pay close attention 100% of the time?

I know I have. And unless you have some kind of super-human attention ability, then you probably have too.

When believing that live is best, are you sure you’re not just sticking to what’s familiar rather than seeking out what’s truly best? Best for you AND best for your clients? Have you considered how ineffective your business is because you believe that live learning is the best form of learning?


There’s only one of you and if you can’t clone yourself you can’t scale.

And it’s not just ineffective for you. It is ineffective for your clients too.

By teaching live, you are forcing them into your schedule and taking away their ability to learn on their own time at their own pace and have time to play with the material before turning to you for questions.


So what do mission-driven CEOs do to scale their work without sacrificing client results?

They thoughtfully combine pre-recorded digital modules with live interaction. The pre-recorded modules allow them to basically clone themselves so they no longer waste time saying the same things over and over again and they create a more powerful learning environment for the client who can learn on their own time and take as much time as they need to fully integrate the teachings.

The live interactions boost their experience.

This may be in the form of office hours or laser coaching sessions where you go deeper than the training content allowed. If you are leading a group, this is the time they learn from each other and deepen their understanding of the material.

But the core teachings and curriculum? Those are pre-recorded.

Look at it this way:

You’re here on a mission to help as many people as possible with your skills and expertise.


Now I know that teaching live may feel better and what I’m sharing may be going against the way you’ve been doing things but I have a question: Isn’t it more important that you create more impact rather than sticking to what’s comfortable or familiar?

If you’re like the mission-driven business owners that I talk to every day then I know that your answer is a RESOUNDING yes.

So why would you want to continue teaching live, wasting time saying the same thing over and over again, and limiting client results because you force them to your schedule and the inefficiencies that live learning creates?

I invite you instead, to live more fully into your mission and create digital content that will create better client results and allow you to scale your practice bigger and faster.

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