Hi! I’m Jane

I am the founder of Scale Your Genius and I am on a mission to:

  • Rid the world of crappy online courses
  • Demonstrate that online does not have to equal cheap, poor quality, or providing inferior results
  • Inspire and guide coaches, experts, and consultants towards building more wealth, creating more impact, and having more freedom in their lives by helping them create results-driven, profitable, and sustainable online programs in their area of expertise


I am recognized as a process development and strategy expert, a finance and investment specialist, a growth mindset nerd, and an entrepreneur. 

I thrive on inspiring and enabling others to live a life of contribution and freedom. 

After a successful fifteen years in the corporate world developing and executing strategic initiatives, redeveloping and simplifying processes, developing and delivering training materials, and leading complex projects and transactions, I co-founded a consulting company that strove to improve the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs by helping them develop business and strategic plans and improve their operations. 


Working with small business owners and service providers, I saw their desire to better monetize their knowledge, efficiently scale their businesses, and stop trading time for money. 

In early 2018, I founded Courses in Flow (upgraded to Scale Your Genius shortly after) to bring my experience and expertise to help other experts and entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom and transform more lives. I love to teach and inspire others and to help them find freedom while creating wealth and increasing their contribution to the world. 

With full commitment to continued growth, in addition to diving into countless personal- and professional-development programs, I received a B.S. in Marketing from Leeds College of Business at University of Colorado, an M.B.A. with a Values-Based Leadership concentration from Daniels School of Business at University of Denver, and earned my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from the CFA Institute.  

How does any of this matter?

Well, other than being skilled at what I do – I most likely COMPLEMENT your skill set.

What that means for you is that you can stay in your zone of genius, while I hold your hand through something that’s likely unfamiliar to you, taking out the overwhelm and increasing your chances of success.

Want to connect with me personally on social media? 

I welcome you to follow my personal Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. 

See you there!

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