Long-established business models are collapsing under the powerful entry of innovative new ones
and it’s never been easier to make a meaningful difference as an impact leader on a large scale.

It takes courage to become an impact leader.

But most people are too scared to break industry norms. They are afraid to color outside the lines and to do the things their peers aren’t yet doing.

They’re likely billing by the hour, doing too many things, and are unable to scale without working more.

They may be trying to throw some online offers at the wall but nothing really sticks.


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Watch: It Takes Courage to Be an Impact Leader


These offers are not inspiring action from the people so the people don’t buy. Their vision of a bigger impact, of getting their work out to more people stays a distant vision rather than an ever-closer reality.

With the way technology is infusing every part of our lives, sped up over the last couple of years with the pandemic,
it’s becoming easier and easier to deliver quality services digitally and do so without knowing complex web design or coding skills.

To make a true impact – to be an impact leader takes scale and technology is helping us pave the way.

You’re probably already seeing simple app and website builders that even the most tech-illiterate person can handle.

Solutions that were previously considered ‘techy’ are becoming easier by the day.

With Facebook’s introduction of Meta – their virtual reality world – and its quick adoption by many leading companies, it’s clear to see the direction things are headed.

And while the overall harm or benefit is debatable – what is NOT debatable is our opportunity to HARNESS technology to our and our clients’ benefit.

You innovate or you die.

Do you want your business to be the Polaroid or the Sony of the camera world?

Blockbuster or Netflix?

Tower Records or Spotify?

The companies that didn’t innovate to keep up with technology trends died. And it’s pretty damn hard to make an impact from the grave.

What may be even worse?

There are people today who need your wisdom and expertise but your current way of working with clients isn’t filling their needs.

❌ No, they don’t want to sign up for an endless number of hourly sessions.

❌ No, they don’t want to go through your beta program that you created from fear and lack.

(They want premium solutions and they are willing to pay for them)

You know what else they don’t want?

Pay attention to this one because this is something I see SO many well meaning experts do ….

❌ They do not want to hang out on your waiting list.

If you’re in demand but capped by how you do work and the number of hours you’re willing to do that work, you may end up with a waiting list.

You may even feel proud of yourself and see it as some external validation of the desirability of your work. And it is.

⚠️But be careful.

This is bad for your business over the long term and it’s bad for the people who need your help now.

If you don’t fill this demand, someone else will

It may be someone with a lot less knowledge, less expertise. Someone who is unable to help people as well and as deeply as you can.

The clients – the ones who need help from experts like you are bounced around from crappy online course to crappy online course by some hot shot marketer- never getting the support they truly need.

It is our mission, with our years of education, experience, and expertise to courageously innovate and be on the front lines of helping society heal and thrive.

When everyone whose work makes a real difference is able to use it to make a bigger impact all while creating a business that provides them with a lot of money and a lot of freedom – More people get the support they desire. Their goals come to fruition quicker and easier. And we all go about it in ways that are joyful and fulfilling and free from hustle and scarcity and those around you get inspired to create more too.

Did you know you can successfully sell your online program even if you don’t have a large or warm audience? Read this blog to find out how: https://scaledgenius.com/how-to-sell-your-online-course-to-a-cold-audience

A rising tide lifts all boats

When everyone whose work makes a difference plays full out – society gets to heal and thrive.

Courageously innovating is the way. Becoming the scalable impact leader you’re here to be is the way.

So let me ask you this – are you sitting quietly in the perceived safety of the status quos and industry norms, patting yourself on the back that there is a backlog of people waiting to see you or are you courageously innovating?

Courageously innovating so that more people can get access to your wisdom and expertise and you be handsomely compensated for it.

All while being at the helm of a business you absolutely love?

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