Selling to a cold audience

Can you successfully sell your course or program to a cold audience?

You may have been led to believe that you need a warmed-up and well-nurtured audience to successfully sell your online course or program.

I understand why you may think that and it makes sense if you do.

We have been told over and over, by guru after guru that you need to spend many months giving away your best tips and advice to ‘warm up’ an audience and build that precious know, like, and trust factor.

It makes total sense.

You’re told to give them “free value” so they see you as the expert and be ready to buy when you’re ready to sell.

It’s a strategy that probably feels good to you so you said hell yes to it.

You’re an expert, you have no shortage of topics you can teach on and teaching feels better than putting yourself out there with an offer and risking hearing multiple no’s to the work you put your heart and soul into.

So of course that advice feels compelling and safe.

However, I’m about to show you that this strategy is doing a huge disservice to the people who need you and to your ability to pursue your mission through your work.

I’m excited to share with you:

3 quick and easy things you can do to successfully sell your offer to cold audiences so you can more quickly become an impact leader instead of just a thought leader.

Watch the video or scroll down to read the rest.

Think about this.

Has there ever been a time you’re ready to buy something so you ask for a recommendation, or your awareness is open to this product or service so you suddenly see offers related to that need in your social media feeds and everywhere you go? 

So you do a bit of research, hop on a call with them and buy. Your entire pre-purchase experience with them spans just a few days. You didn’t need the nurturing. You knew what you wanted and bought it.

I know I have and if you’re like most people I talk to then you probably can think of at least one experience where that was true for you too.

It may be something you didn’t need until something happened and created this new need. A divorce, the loss of a loved one, a new job, a lost job …

Something happens in your life that creates an immediate need so you seek out help and you’re ready to buy when the right person shows up with a compelling offer that feels like it was custom-made for you and your particular situation.

You had no reason to follow those people before because you didn’t know that you’d need them one day. But the need arose, you found them, and you bought!

So we can see that people do not always have to be warmed up or have followed you for a while to buy from you.

And while building and nurturing an audience is a great long-term strategy, if you’re not making compelling offers on a regular basis, or you’re waiting to launch your course or program until you have “sufficiently” warmed up your audience you’re actually doing them a disservice. There are people who need you now.

I hear from so many online course and program creators on a daily basis that they can’t create and put their course out to the market because their audience is still too small or they feel like they haven’t nurtured them enough yet.

And if that’s you, I ask you this. Do you think there’s ONE person – just one – who needs your help TODAY and is ready to buy from you without the months of seeing your content and getting to know you?

If the answer is yes, then you owe it to that person to make them an offer.

What I see people do:

Instead of focusing on creating and selling a compelling offer they get stuck in the audience building and nurturing phase. Sometimes for months. Sometimes… for years.

They start wondering what this audience may want, and frankly, that leads to them losing track of their OWN vision for what they want to create and the impact they want to make in the world. They give up their deep inner knowing and their vision to poll and survey and ask for feedback. They let their insecurities drive the process; thinking that the answers lie outside of them.

Most critically, what they’re NOT doing is focusing on creating and selling the programs. Programs that people need NOW.

They’re not making the offers to people who are ready to buy today so those people buy from someone else.

Because when the need is there – we look for, and pay for a solution.

If selling your offer – your online course or program – is sitting on the back burner while you’re building and nurturing your audiences you’re doing a huge disservice to the people who need you now and to your own goals and dreams.

Your time to make a difference is now and the biggest difference is made through the full exchange of value which is someone enrolling into your thoughtfully created paid course or program.

So how do people successfully sell their offers without having a warm audience?

Three simple things.

One: Have a crystal clear offer of what they’re selling so they can clearly communicate it in their offers and related content.

People who successfully sell to cold audiences clearly communicate the value and logistics of their offers to help people make a quick decision about its fit for their particular needs.  (now If you’re someone who is not super clear today on exactly what you’re selling and how to talk about it; check out our Offer Design program that can help you with exactly that)

Two: Make offers!

Make them often and focus on places your prospects hang out. Are they on social media? In Facebook groups? Do they go to networking events? Go there and make the crystal clear offer you designed in step one. Help them find you when they need you.

Three: Become referable and researchable.

The third thing people do to successfully sell to cold audiences? They become known as the go-to expert for that topic so that they are referable and researchable.

Being Referable

People who have an immediate need may ask for referrals. Do people in spaces peripheral to yours know who you are and exactly what you offer? If not, reach out and introduce yourself. Tell them about your offer and who it’s for. Again, being crystal clear on who your offer is for, what problems it solves, and what it helps you achieve is the prerequisite to being successful with this strategy.

Being Researchable

You also want to be easily researchable.

These people who are ready to buy and come across your offer; or hear about you from a referral partner – chances are – they’ll google you.

What happens when they do that? While traditional SEO for your topic is a long-term play, it’s easy enough to curate what comes up when people google your name, your program name, or your company name because there’s no competition for those things!

So what do you want them to see? My favorite things to have to show up here are articles I’ve written and podcasts I’ve been a guest on.

These resources help people get to know me, quickly build trust, and enable the reader or listener to decide whether they resonate with my approach or not and make their buying decision easier. You can go ahead and google my name to see what that looks like. If your search results are not what you want them to be – reach out to a few podcast hosts or blog or magazine publishers and offer to be a guest. Make sure to focus on a compelling topic related directly to your core offer.

Are you ready?

So let me ask you:

Do you want to continue spending time educating and entertaining your audience becoming known as a thought leader or do you want to go out there and make a huge difference and a ton of money and become the impact leader that you know you are? 

If you’re ready to sell your programs, make money, and change lives, then I invite you to follow these three steps and HELP those people who need you now.

If you want my support for any part of the program creation or marketing process to meet your goals quicker and easier,  grab a time with me at  talkwithjane.com

You can learn about our programs at scaledgenius.com/hire-us

Whether you book this call or not, I invite you to take the three steps I shared with you today and start making those offers and being the impact leader you’re here to be.