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On your journey to better monetize your expertise, a few things may get in the way: 

Being ‘inside the haze of your expertise’ prevents you from seeing the most client-centric and simplest paths 

The overwhelming amount of information about online business building is hard to sift through to know what will actually work for you

Your reputation and quality of work is a non-negotiable and it can be hard to translate the often ‘fast and easy’ online course world into meaningful, long-lasting, transformation work you’re here for

Having someone to turn to whenever you feel stuck or anything is unclear will make your journey easier, more fruitful, and way more fun!

We partner with you on your journey to success:

 ✓ Immersive Support. You will be guided by a combination of digital modules and 1-on-1 support (what we call the Hybrid Online Course model).

You’ll always know what to do and have the support to do it right. If you ever feel stuck or something is unclear, we’ll figure it out together.

Do-It-Your-Way Engagements.  Whether you feel most supported by an outcome-based engagement – where we work together (for one flat fee) until you see the agreed-upon results, or you prefer a time-based relationship that lasts as long (or short) as you need it, our work is predictable and reliable. 

No more getting halfway to the finish line then needing to pay for more support or slugging it to completion on your own. 

100% No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee for 30 days from the first payment so you can enroll with confidence knowing that you get to change your mind, if that’s what you’re called to do. 

Whether you’re looking for some support to help you validate and uplevel your ideas… or you desire a fully supported soup-to-nuts process to create and scale your online business… or anything in between…. I’d love to discuss if working with us can help you meet your goals quicker and easier. Working with us (including 1-1 support) start at just $1,000

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Frequently asked questions

I have a team, will you work with them too?

Absolutely! We celebrate outsourcing and staying in your zone of genius so we’ll involve you as little or as much as you desire.

Is your money-back guarantee really legit?

Yep. If in the first 30 days you decide that it’s not worth your investment, just send us an email at support@scaledgenius.com and you receive a full refund within 7 business days. 

Do you work with [your] profession?

We work with people whose work makes a difference and who have valuable wisdom to share with the world. The profession itself is irrelevant. Most people drawn to us are in helping professions (psychotherapists, dietitians, financial advisors, lawyers, coaches, consultants, etc) because they see the impact of their work every day and know there’s a bigger game for them to play. If you’re not sure if you’d be a good fit, just book a call and we’ll let you know. 

If I book a call, do I have to work with you?

Nope. In fact, we may not even invite you to work with us. Not everyone is a fit and because of our generous guarantees, we’re very picky about whom we invite. If we decide we’re not a fit, we’ll offer suggestions on your best next steps to meet your goals so you will walk away better off in either case.

How can you offer such generous guarantees?

We’re good at what we do and most of our clients love working with us and get the intended results so our risk is low. We’re also very scrutinous about whom we work with. That’s why having a call with us is the only way to enroll in most of our programs. If we don’t believe we can help you, we don’t make you an offer.

Do you guarantee results?

No, and that’s an important distinction. We can’t guarantee results because we’re not the ones doing the work. But we can guarantee that we will support you until you see those results. Over 80% of our clients see the intended results within the time frame initially discussed. Sometimes things take more time. When they do, we won’t abandon you and will continue to support you. But you got to do the work to see the results. 

When you say ‘you work with us until you get the intended results’ what do you mean?

We will determine what the intended result is on our Clarity Call. Some of our programs have pre-determined intended results, in others, we decide together.

Who does the work?

In the core programs you read about above – you, your team, your contractors. These are guided programs meaning that you get clarity on what to do and guidance on the best way to do it. But we don’t do any work on your behalf. Some of the tasks can be outsourced to our team for an additional fee. 

If you’re looking for a fully done-for-you engagement, please book a call. We take on these engagements for a select few clients.

Why should I hire you instead of doing this on my own?

Because you value your time and are ready to be done with the hustle.

I like what you’re saying but I’m not ready to hire you, can we stay connected?

Of course! Grab your spot on our email list here and connect with us on all the socials. You can find the buttons in the footer of this website.

Oh my gosh, this module was incredible! I loved how these things that usually leave me in a swirl (calculations of any kind) felt so digestible and doable. The customer avatar questions were some of the best I’ve seen so far. I have so much clarity around my course already and it’s only the second week!

J. H. Women’s Empowerment Coach

I love how you have helped me to articulate what I’m actually trying to do at the core of my work.

L. B. Small Business Consultant

You’ve opened my eyes to a whole new way of creating my course

C. S. Public Speaking Coach

The course walked me through being able to create my own course and pushed me way out of my comfort zone and create something I’m very proud of.

L. G. Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Coach

Your course made all the difference in terms of helping me make sense of what I want to say and how everything is structured.

G. G. Attorney

Jane has been an amazing coach throughout my journey in creating my online design process. I do not think I would be here if it were not for her!

R. B.  Interior Decorator

I’ve taken a billion courses over the past 5 years in online business but none from someone with your background and expertise. You have such a fresh and innovative approach.

J. S. Life Coach

Creating this course is a fun creative process and I’m having so much fun doing it. I’m working more than ever but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

W. S. Leadership Development Coach

The first exercise made me realize that I’ve been looking at this course through the wrong lens… From there, Jane supported me in creating what I feel like I intended to create all along. I just couldn’t see it through the haze of my own expertise.

T. S. Speaking Coach

She’s professional, kind, an amazing listener and she’s skilled at problem-solving.

A. R. Business Owner & Trainer

She gets to the point and doesn’t waste my time doing it

R. J. Corporate Trainer

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