If you’re like most business owners, you reach a point where growth stagnates and your next level of business success (whatever that means to you) feels close yet elusive.

There are many reasons to hire a business coach at this point (more on that later in this article) and several other forms of support to consider that all successful business owners benefit from.

What got you to this level of success is no longer sufficient to get you to your next stage. 

And while this may feel frustrating, I want to acknowledge you for getting here! This plateau reflects your abilities, perseverance, and grit in getting to this important place in your journey. 

You’re ready for the next step! It’s an exciting place to be.

One reason for the frustration is that you recognize the need for more support to reach that next level of success, yet you’re not clear on what that support should be. 

I want your business to exceed all of your expectations and the process to move towards your business vision to be fun, fulfilling, and fruitful! 

These five categories of support will help you create the business of your dreams with the most ease, clarity, and FUN! 

All successful people I know who run thriving businesses are supported in all of these areas. 

Let’s dive right in!

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Here are the five types of support every business owner needs: 


1. A Supportive Social Core

Starting nice and simple (and free!) 

Our immediate circle – our family and closest friends – impact (even if subconsciously):

  • How big we allow ourselves to dream
  • How diligently we pursue those dreams
  • How supported and cheered-on we feel along the way

The great news is that we get to hand-pick our friends and soul-family.

If your core circle is holding you back from achieving your dreams, then it’s time to re-evaluate relationships and pursue ones that better align with your life and business dreams. 

graphic of a group of happy people

Look for people who WANT TO BE your biggest fans and cheerleaders.  

Who are popping champagne bottles for your wins and supporting you during your struggles.

And you do the same for them. 


2. Life Coach or Therapist

 While your social circle can help you approach life and business with more fun and ease, they are not a stand-in for professional help.

 Life these days is … complex… to say the least. 

An ongoing coaching or therapy relationship is foundational for wellbeing, which directly improves your ability to be an effective business leader and meet your business goals faster and easier.  

I love that society is finally dropping the stigma of getting mental health support. What used to be taboo and hushed is now openly discussed. 

Anxiety, a general feeling of meh, inability to set and/or meet goals, feeling uninspired … the list of reasons to get support from a mental health professional can go on for pages. 

 It’s not news that personal problems become business problems. How you show up in life is how you show up in business. 

And you deserve better than that.

You can do better than that!

😀 You GET to live your life in flow and ease and design and build the business of your dreams 

😀 You GET to discover fresh new perspectives and open your eyes to what is possible for you

😀 You GET to be full of innovative ideas and go after them with confidence and excitement


3. Business Strategist, Business Consultant, or Business Coach 

 I lump these three into the same category under the umbrella of an expert on the art and science of business who will help you set and meet your business goals.

 General, but you get the point. 

 I lumped them together because these terms are used fluidly and interchangeably. Focusing on the specific titles isn’t helpful. I’ll generically refer to them as business coaches for the purposes of our discussion. 

Hiring a qualified business coach is critical for every business owner yet many wait until they hit an uncomfortable new level of overwhelm and see business growth stagnate. 

They dive into research rabbit holes and collect all the resources in hopes of figuring it out for themselves.

They waste valuable time, lose sleep, and forfeit the profit they could have made during that time. 

 Delaying hiring business help is an expensive proposition.

angry looking ink blot

You may hack together a “good enough for the short-term” solution that will need constant upgrades, revisions, or fixes. This costs a lot of time and even more money once you need to transform this mess into an effective business solution. 

Or you may spin your wheels for months or even years without much progress to show for it, not only sacrificing time but also losing confidence in your abilities as a business leader over time. 

Many experts who come to me for help with their online courses and programs have been tinkering with them for months, or even years! The consistent piece of feedback from when they start working with me and go from idea to income in just 90 days? “I should have hired you from the start!” (want to see if our Thriving Online Program – where you can go from Idea to Income in just 90 days is a fit for you? Grab a spot on my calendar for a Clarity Call by clicking >>HERE<<) 

What do these experts help with? 

  • They inspire you to dream bigger than you thought possible, setting the vision and direction for your business 
  • They support you in brainstorming powerful new ideas and define steps to reach those dreams 
  • They help you execute those ideas and build your profitable and thriving business with more efficiency, more ease, and more fun! 

Is hiring a business coach worth the investment?

Here are my top three reasons that make that a resounding YES:

Here are my top three reasons that make that a resounding YES: 

1 . The return on your investment (ROI) is usually fast and significant.  

As a result of working with a business expert, you’ll make money quicker and easier in your business. My clients typically earn back their investment in working with me within the first few months…and it multiplies quickly after that. 

money growing on a tree stacked on coins
snail with a gas pipe

2. You shortcut and compress your path to success. 

Going down research rabbit holes, polling people on social media, and downloading every freebie on the topic is a trap. While this may feel productive, it’s a huge waste of time. A business coach will use their skills to guide you to the best choices for your particular situation quickly and efficiently. You’ll gain the confidence to quickly make the best decisions for your business and have the answers needed to move past your obstacles and challenges. 

3. They see what you can’t see. 

Running an efficient and profitable business is an art and science that takes years of experience, education, and practice. When your business is the only one you’ve run (or one of several), your perspective is limited.

Additionally, it’s almost impossible to be objective in your own business which is why even successful business experts hire outside help. As that saying goes: “You can’t see the picture from inside the frame.” Your business coach will bring insights from other companies, and ideally, other industries too – that combined with your strengths and special sauce – results in high-growth, low-effort strategies. 


Here are a few things my clients have said about the benefits of working with a coach like me:

“I’ve been having so much fun – just exploding with new ideas and creativity. And am so thankful for the oversight that allows me to stay on track and do the right things.”

“You’ve opened my eyes to a whole new way of creating my course”

“Wow – I didn’t think this was for me but now I know I can do it and I have clarity on how it’ll happen.“

If one of your goals is to make more money and a bigger impact in less time … and you have expertise that you can monetize in a premium online course or program, then you may be a fit to work with us. Check out our Work With Us page and reach out if you’d like to have a conversation about our programs and how they may help you uncover and meet your business goals. 


4. Peer Groups & Communities

The fourth area of support that every business owner needs is a community of peers.

These range from free Facebook groups (like our Genius Tribe community), to engaging membership community, to high-priced masterminds. With lots of variation in between.

people's faces in circles connected by linesWhat are the benefits of joining a community like this? 

As business owners, we can feel like we’re on an island of our creation. 

Being in community with other leaders who share experiences, who are on the same path, who understand our challenges, successes, and wins can feel amazing.

A note of caution: while these are great for inspiration, camaraderie, and general brainstorming, they are not a substitute for investing in a business expert to help guide you on your unique journey to success.


5. Virtual Assistant

 Our final category of support that every business owner needs to have to be able to thrive in business and life is a virtual assistant.

 If you don’t have one, hiring one is one of the simplest ways to free up your time for higher-value tasks or more rest, if you’ve been overworking. By freeing up your time and energy to stay in your zone of genius, you’ll get to focus on thoughtfully growing your business to its next level of success without getting stuck in minutia.

 Consider the value of your time relative to the amount of money this type of outsourcing costs ($10-$20/hr is reasonable for a general assistant). 

 Anything repeatable on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that you don’t love doing or is not in your zone of genius needs to come off your plate ASAP.

I use and recommend a company called FreeUp to find and hire assistants and contractors. 

Upwork is another good source for high-quality assistants. 



What’s Next? Choose Your Own Adventure: 

  • Do you want support in building, selling, and delivering an online course or program? This is for you if you want to compress time to results and have full confidence that what you’re creating is the best fit for you and your clients. AND to enjoy the process more!

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  • More of the DIY type? This is you if you value money over time or this is in your zone of genius or you truly enjoy building processes and diving into research rabbit holes.

Grab your complimentary ticket to the 30k Blueprint Bootcamp >>HERE<<. Over the course of three days (on your own time) you will create your very own blueprint for a premium online program or course in a topic of your passion and expertise. 

  • Just out researching?

Dive deeper on our live channel where you can register for upcoming live events and catch up on past recordings. Our Expert Coffee Chats series and Business Booster Live series are powerful resources for business owners, experts, and course creators.

Do NOT distract from action with learning. It’s a common trap that will keep you spinning in place!