Are You Creating Your Dream Business or a Job?

Congratulations! You’re self-employed.

Or, have you created a job instead…

Most experts enter the world of self-employment through coaching or consulting – maybe speaking. They share their experience and wisdom with clients one-on-one or in groups.

It’s a fast way to create impact, earn an income (albeit not very large at first).

But, there’s one problem…

You are trading time for money.

It doesn’t take long before you find your days are full of chasing new clients, trying to keep current clients happy while running a business.

Throw in a family and it’s a recipe for overwhelm, frustration (when was the last time I had exercise?) and burn out.

On top of the demands on your time and energy, the amount of money you can make with this business model is limited by the number of hours you want to work.

I help you create a better way!

I help experts

I help experts (coaches, consultants, authors, speakers) create awesome online programs so that they can create a bigger impact with their knowledge, make more money, and create freedom in their lives – without sacrificing results or brand integrity.

I do that by taking them through my 8-Module Scale Your Genius Blueprint – a combination of my self-paced online course and essential private 1-1 support from me.

The goal is to help you move from idea to implementation with an online course you can feel proud of. 

I teach you how to leverage technology to stop saying the same things over and over to every client, to create amazing digital resources to guide their clients towards powerful results, and minimize (but not necessarily remove) the amount of one-on-one time needed per client.

The focus is on quality and results, plus one more essential element:

Strategy alone is not enough

The best strategy in the world will fail if you’re sabotaging the execution.

Maybe this sounds familiar:

“It’s too complicated.”

“If I spent all this time creating it, can I actually deliver it well?” 

“I’m not good with technology – this isn’t for me.”

We combine strategy and mindset work – because one can’t be effective without the other.

Just like strategy without mindset work isn’t enough —a great outlook and positive thinking without proper strategy and execution guidance won’t cut it either.

That’s why a big focus of Scale Your Genius Blueprint is the combination of the two.

Give you the tools AND set you up to succeed. 

When you combine a solid, proven strategy with a positive, resilient mindset you are unstoppable.

Do it right the first time 

You’ve worked hard to build your reputation—you know your craft.

And clients love your work.

Experts come to me when they’re ready to create an online program and want to do it right the first time!

This is not just about “scaling up” – the goal is to make an impact in a bigger way and do it right. More income is a nice bonus and reflects the extra impact you make in this world.

And the freedom for your life you get to create through this business model? 

Yep, that too! 

Are you ready?

If you know you have the expertise and are tired of trading hours for dollars, let’s talk.

The Scale Your Genius Blueprint is an invite-only program where I walk you down the path towards creating your first profitable, results-oriented online program. 

Click here to apply for one of our limited Discovery Call spots and see if you qualify to work with us! 

Want to Discover Whether Creating an Online Program is the Right Move For You?

Hi, I'm Jane

Hi, I'm Jane

I am the founder of Scale YOUR Genius® and I am on a mission to:

  • Rid the world of crappy online courses
  • Demonstrate that online does not have to equal cheap, poor quality, or providing inferior results
  • Inspire and guide coaches, experts, and consultants towards building more wealth, creating more impact, and having more freedom in their lives by helping them create results-driven, profitable, and sustainable online programs in their area of expertise

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