“I don’t know if anyone will buy this”, said Josh*, as we were talking through his online program idea during a Clarity Call. Josh had reached an admirable level of success as a therapist and was ready to play a bigger game with his expertise but some trepidation remained.

While there are ways to speed up the course creation process, even the quickest path to results will require an investment of your time, energy, and money.

Totally worth it if you end up with a profitable course or program that helps clients get intended results at the end of the process.


But how do we REALLY know if it’ll work?

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It’s an important question to have answered before creating your first piece of course content.

I get this question all the time so I thought it would be helpful to create a list of my top six strategies and considerations for getting more confidence around whether or not the course you have in mind will sell.

1. Do you have a topic that people will resonate with and say “I need this!”?

Your topic needs to be specific and clear. Even better (though not necessary), if the demand is created by a trigger event of some sort (marriage, promotion, sale of a business, death of a loved one, affair, pregnancy, a new home, etc)

For example, it will be challenging to sell a course on “Improving your relationship” but the right people will flock to a “Repair your marriage after an affair” course.

See the difference there?

If you want more support choosing a great topic, grab your copy of our Profitable Course Topic Cheat Sheet


2. Do people currently pay to have this problem solved / goal attained?

The solutions don’t have to be the same. Meaning we’re not looking for evidence that people buy courses on the topic, we’re looking for evidence that people consider this problem important enough to solve and they’re willing to invest $ into it.

Josh* and other therapists often have strong evidence of this. It’s the problems that bring people into their office most frequently. You see them paying you week after week, month after month.

Thinking about what common problems people are coming in for is a great starting point to brainstorm your specific topic idea.


3. Talk to the people you think your course will serve. 

In our Thriving Online Program Accelerator™ where I take in-demand professionals from idea to income in just 90 days, a critical early step is to do a set of interviews with potential clients using carefully crafted questions that will help you determine the demand.

While purchase intent does not equal purchase guaranty, thoughtfully crafted questions can get you pretty close to the right answer. In my experience, only a tiny percentage of those who followed this process as intended (and created a course they feel proud of) struggled to sell their course.

Bonus: You’ll also get clarity on the words your potential clients use to talk about this problem/goal which is vital to the success of your marketing efforts. You may even encounter several ‘ready to buy’ people who’ll be your first clients when your course launches!


4. Do you have the intention to create a results-driven & high-quality course? 

Crappy Online Courses don’t sell well over time.

Sure, some sparkly marketing tactics can put lipstick on that pig but it won’t last.

Most importantly, you won’t have a course you feel proud of so you probably won’t put much effort into selling it.

Many otherwise well-intentioned experts create Crappy Online Courses because they didn’t start by setting the intention with these two important questions:

  1. What results do I intend to help my clients create?
  2. What kind of experience will best support them in the achievement of these results?

Yes, creating a course you feel proud of can be this simple.


5. Are you willing to show up and market your course? 

If you build it… they won’t just come. It takes a strategic approach to bring ready-to-buy clients to you.

In our Thriving Online Program Accelerator™ we help our clients create perfect-for-them marketing strategies that won’t only fill their course on ‘launch day’ but also creates a repeatable process they can use for years to come and continue to bring more and more perfect-fit clients into their courses and programs.

We create strategies for our clients that are simple to deliver, feel good, and take away any ‘ickiness’ people may feel about sales.

Whether or not you invest in support with your course, defining your marketing strategy early in the process is critical to success.


6. Talk to an expert

Talk to someone who has experience with many courses and programs and get their opinion.

(No, not your buddy Bill from down the street who failed miserably at his course launch and is not preaching how ‘online courses don’t work’)

I’ve seen hundreds of course ideas and have a pretty good sense of what will or won’t work.

I can also guide people down the discovery process of coming up with the topic that WILL sell and that you’ll love delivering on.

If you want to get some confidence around your idea, I invite you to apply for a Clarity Call with me.

Most people who come to this call go from having a vague idea about what they want to do to great clarity on what’s possible for them.

So there you have it. The six strategies and considerations that will help you increase your confidence in the likelihood of your success.

Want to increase that confidence from “probable” to “extremely likely”?

Our step-by-step process in Thriving Online Program Accelerator™ helps you validate and fine-tune your idea throughout the 90-day period. We will help you create a course you feel PROUD of and develop and implement a compelling marketing strategy that will have all the right people knocking on your door.

With that kind of validation and strategy, I’d be willing to bet on your success!

In fact, that’s exactly what I do by providing a full money-back guarantee for the duration of our time together and 1-1 support until you see success.

The people who enroll to work with us, launch their programs in just 90-120 days with most making $8,000-$15,000 on their first launch with earnings going up significantly over time.

Thinking this may be the right system to help you create and sell your course? Let’s jump on that Clarity Call and get you on the right track to creating a profitable course or program you feel proud of!

*Names and identifying details changed for privacy