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How To Reduce Overwhelm When Creating Online Programs

So you've been thinking about creating an online program.   You know that a high-quality online program can be part of the path to living your life on YOUR terms without sacrificing the quality of impact you have on clients. Yet, just the thought of it feels SO...

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Strategy + Mindset = Magic Sauce for Success

For most of my career, I was laser-focused on strategy and execution. The mindset (the stories and beliefs we tell ourselves about what's going on) didn't matter much in the corporate environment for me.  I was an actor in someone else's play. So I played along until...

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3 Tips To Shift From Perfection To Excellence

Can we please talk about perfectionism? Did anyone else wear it like a badge of honor like I did for so many years? Perfectionism is a funny thing. We are raised to think that it's a good thing - why shouldn't we strive to be "perfect"? We may even see it as black and...

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