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[Video] Do You Need to Validate Your Course?

There is a lot of talk about needing to 'validate' your online course before launch, but it it really necessary? Watch this video to find out: 1. What 'validation' actually means and why most things people have you do to validate your course don't actually validate it...

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Top 10 Reasons To Create an Online Program

I love introducing people to the power of this business model. Especially the skeptical ones. And I see why people come in with skepticism. There are so many poorly done courses. I was just a "victim" of one, once again, a couple of months ago.  $597 (what is it with...

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[Video] 5-Step Process For Creating Online Programs

Have you been wanting to create an online program but been feeling stuck and overwhelmed? You've seen so many crappy courses out there and aren't sure of how to create one that focuses on client results AND makes you money?   In this video, I share the EXACT...

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Are You Ready For Success?

We're taught from a young age to be prepared for failure. Buy insurance in case something bad happens Have a plan B Get a prenup But have we been taught to prepare for success? Imagine going on your dream beach vacation. You work REALLY hard, sacrificing family time...

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[Video] Profit and Impact Potential of Online Programs

Have you been wondering what's possible for your impact and profit if you were to create an online program? In this video, I show you the math of transitioning from a 1-1 model to a leveraged online model. Notify Me Of New Posts! I am the founder of Scale Your Genius...

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