Hey Mission-Driven CEO, It’s time to make a bigger impact and do it from a place of abundance and overflow.

The world has never needed us more to play a bigger role in changing society, in helping with ending suffering. 

When people with deep experience, wisdom, and knowledge are on the front lines of service bigger shifts are made by all. 

The noise quiets down as the true experts and change-makers rise to the top. 

These changemakers. 

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Changemakers just like you and me- when enabled to serve as big as possible, be compensated for the deep value we bring, and do it without working more – we get to serve from an overflow of abundance and stop making sacrifices in the name of service.  

We become abundant, mission-driven CEOs rather than just hustling helpers. 

Unfortunately, most industries where people make the most difference – mental health, law, personal finance, coaching, consulting, I could go on…

These industries are built around working with just one person at a time. 

They limit what you can do. They limit the impact you can make. 

And they cause you to hustle and grind, putting you on the road to inevitable burnout as your mission to serve pulls you away from much-needed self-care. 

This is not sustainable and I’m sure you can think of at least one peer who is on the road to burnout or has already reached that painful and dream-crushing place 

And if you’re anything like me, then making the biggest impact possible matters to you. But so does doing it in a way that’s enjoyable and sustainable and allows you to serve from the overflow of abundance rather than continually depleting to exhaustion 

But outdated norms in your industry may have you believe otherwise

You may have been led to believe that scaling and true service do not go hand in hand. 

You may have been peer-pressured to stay in your lane and to not – as one of my bosses put it to me – “act too big for your britches’ 

I invite you to call bullshit on those “rules” and break free from outdated industry norms that keep you playing small 

The Mission-Driven CEO Way

How much of a better world could we have if people whose work made a real difference – mission-driven CEOs like you – were all serving in massive ways without depleting themselves or worrying about what their peers thought? 

How much happier would you be if you got to play in your zone of desire and genius in your business every single day instead of shuffling paperwork and grinding out endless 1-on-1 sessions? 

How much better would you be able to show up for your clients, for your employees, for your family?

What would happen if you were fully compensated for this value you’re able to bring to society and the world? not having to worry about how you’ll pay for your kids college or fund your next family vacation? 

The world would change not just for you, but for all of us as the people on a mission of service get to do it from an abundant place. 

And that – that is what I stand for. 

My mission is to give you – someone whose work makes a difference – the tools and guidance you need to make this abundant, mission-driven way of delivering your work a reality.  

We will do it with a focus on the long term. We will do it with leverage. We will do it with integrity. And we will do it by disrupting the outdated status quos that keeps people trapped in never-ending cycles of hustle and burnout 

And we will all thrive more because of it. 

If this resonates, I invite you to book a call directly with me so we can have a frank conversation about what this may look like for your life and business. You can book a time on my calendar by going to talkwithjane.com

I’m rooting for you!