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We help people whose work makes a difference in people’s lives make a bigger impact.

You’re Meant for more

Your work makes a real difference in people’s lives and you want to do more of it. But you’re hustling to fit as many people as you can into your day and you feel burn-out creeping in. 

You can’t help more people unless you want to work more. And you don’t.  

You have many options for what’s next. Online courses, programs, membership communities, retreats … the sky is the limit for how you bring your wisdom into the world and become the wildly successful mission-driven CEO you’re meant to be. 

We have helped hundreds of online business builders design the best way for them to help people that isn’t just helping one person at a time. When they do that, not only do they get to help more people and make more money than they do in their current practice, they also become known as the recognized go-to person in their niche, further contributing to impact and income growth. 

We’re not here to be thought leaders. We’re here to be impact leaders. And that impact is rarely created by traditional service models –  like working with one client at a time.

Jane Sagalovich

Thoughtful Scaling

We know that when you’re someone whose work makes a difference in people’s lives and when you think about scaling, you want to continue to create the intended results for people and you don’t want to risk your professional reputation. 

A crappy online course is not your silver bullet to scaling. 

We have been on a mission to Rid the World of Crappy Online Courses since 2018 and have helped hundreds of course creators create courses that don’t suck.

Courses that don’t suck get great results, inspire higher completion rates, create satisfied clients, and enable you to charge higher rates because more value equals higher price. 

We help you identify the best way to scale your practice without sacrificing client results, then help you make it a reality. You can keep doing as much 1-on-1 work as you want while helping people in a way that gives you freedom.

No-Risk Investment

We wasted tens of thousands of dollars on courses and programs that sucked. Or got into hourly billing arrangements where the fees piled up but the results remained distant.

And we won’t let that happen to you.

We know we’re not the only ones who bought a program that was dud but the no-refund policy left us high and dry.

We also know that sometimes it takes a bit longer to see the intended results than expected and if that happens, we don’t leave you hanging or charge you more.

Instead of charging you by the hour or selling you a time-limited program, all of our core offers are priced by the outcome. That means that we work together until you get the intended result. Imagine having the confidence that your endeavor will be supported to completion and if you’re ever stuck or unsure about something, we’ll figure it out together.

And the cherry on top? All of our offers come with a 100% money-back guarantee for the duration of the engagement.

As a thriving, mission-driven CEO who is looking to make a bigger difference, you deserve to be fully supported towards your desired results in a way that brings clarity, confidence, and trust.

Money Back Guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

When people whose work makes a difference are able to serve in ways that do not deplete them, their impact is exponentially magnified.


Hi!  i’m jane

I founded Scale Your Genius in 2018 to help people whose work makes a difference in people’s lives make a bigger impact, make more money, and have more freedom in how they do their work

We’re not here to be thought leaders. We’re here to be impact leaders. And that impact is rarely found in traditional service models, like working with one client at a time.

A rulebreaker from an early age I believe in learning the rules so we can know how to break them. During my 15 years in strategic corporate roles, I learned the rules. 

I learned what makes a business successful, how to ascertain between good and bad advice, and how to make strategic and effective decisions. 

And after being told by three different bosses that I need to “stop acting too big for my britches”, I knew it was time to burn those britches and design my own.  

I knew I was here to make a bigger difference than I could under someone else’s rules. Rules imposed by bosses, industries, and ‘common norms’ 

As I started my entrepreneurial journey, I invested in many courses and programs. And while I am grateful to have chosen many good ones, I also saw something in the industry that I was eager to address:

No barriers to entry and over-hyped marketing created a gold rush of false hopes.  Crappy Online Courses with no substance hitting the market day after day. 

Yet the people with years of experience, education, and wisdom were sitting on the sidelines. I know what it’s like to have years of experience, advanced degrees, and a body of unique and applicable wisdom yet feeling held back from using it to its full potential. 

So I set out on my mission to rid the world of Crappy Online Courses™ and help qualified professionals – ones whose work makes a real difference – play in this important and life-changing space. 

Since founding Scale Your Genius, I have helped hundreds of qualified experts create and sell their online courses and programs with clarity, confidence, and ease. 

The market has proved what I expected to be true: people are hungry for programs and courses that create REAL results, have high-touch components, and have satisfying experiences. These types of programs have been selling for $2,500+ and enabling even those with small audiences to reach their income goals. 

I run my business using our proprietary 6 Benchmarks of Wildly Successful Mission-Driven CEOs to ensure that my vision stays balanced between service, personal wealth, and paying it forward.

With an M.B.A and a CFA under my belt, over 15 years in high-level corporate roles, and a  business owner and entrepreneur since 2014, I bring broad and extensive expertise in all things business and strategy and am gifted in distilling it into powerful and transformational client work using a powerful combination of logic, expertise, and intuition.

Originally from Ukraine, I now love living the American Dream in Colorado where I get to play in the beautiful Rocky Mountains surrounded by family and friends… while scheming my next international adventure.

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If you want to create a course you gotta talk to Jane! Her content is amazing, her advice is invaluable!

R. B.  Interior Decorator

If you want to create a course you gotta talk to Jane! Her content is amazing, her advice is invaluable!

R. B.  Interior Decorator

Thank you for everything you’ve done to put me on this trajectory of a new and more abundant life!!

L.G.  Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Coach

Her expertise and insights were incredibly helpful in making it a better course plus she gave me the confidence I need to launch and market it.

C.S. Relationship Coach

You are truly gifted at getting through the top layer of “stuff” to the real deal

N. W.  Psychotherapist

Talking with you last night made me believe that this is way more possible than I originally thought! 🙂 Thanks for all your help! I’m getting more and more excited about this project! 🙂

L. S.  Fitness and Mindset Coach

You are truly a brilliant coach and collaborator, as well as a gifted teacher. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I truly appreciate your kindness and consideration. You’ve helped to make it a much more powerful program.

M. S. Confidence Coach