5 Key Steps You Must Take BEFORE Creating Your Online Course  

 So you can create a program that provides MASSIVE RESULTS for your clients and SUSTAINABLE INCOME for you


Are you an established coach, expert, or consultant who is looking to scale beyond 1-1 work and bring your message to more people? If so, this training is for YOU!

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This Free Training Will Teach You:

How to create a foundation for your program that gets massive results for your clients, sustainable income for you, and takes the overwhelm out of course creation.

The simple way to get crystal clear on the topic your first flagship course should be on and stop wasting time thinking through all the alternatives.

The 3 mindset shifts that need to happen to be able to sustain and scale your online program after its launch (that you need to start on NOW!)

Jane Sagalovich

Hi! I'm Jane

I am the founder of Scale Your Genius and I am on a mission to:  

  • Rid the world of crappy online courses 
  • Demonstrate that online does not have to equal cheap, poor quality, or providing inferior results 
  • Inspire and guide coaches, experts, and consultants towards building more wealth, creating more impact, and having more freedom in their lives by helping them create results-driven, profitable, sustainable, and scalable online programs in their area of expertise.

This training is part of how I'm living out this mission - by providing aspiring course-creators a foundation for success and the know-how to not put another crappy course out into the world. 

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