7 Rules for SUCCESSFUL Online Courses

Create AWESOME Results for Clients and SUSTAINABLE Income for You

In This Totally Free Guide 

You will learn how to implement the 7 Rules for Successful Online Courses 

What is a SUCCESSFUL Online Course, you may ask? 

It's a Course That Provides:

🤩 AWESOME results for your clients, and 🤑 SUSTAINABLE income for you

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This guide is for you if:

✔ You are an EXPERT in your field and are ready to make more money, create a bigger impact, and reclaim your time

✔ You CARE about client results and aren't willing to sacrifice outcomes to scale 

✔ You want to create an online course and do it RIGHT the first time 

I created this guide specifically for EXPERTS who are amazing at what they do and are ready to bring their gifts to the world in a more powerful, profitable, and scalable way. 

If you're interested in creating a bigger impact, earning a more sustainable income, and generating more freedom - this guide is a must read!

If we haven't yet met - let me introduce myself. 

I'm Jane - Founder and Creator at Scale Your Genius  

I get to spend my days using a combination of logic, expertise, and intuition to guide clients towards creating the business of their dreams where they can scale their impact, maximize their wealth, and live a life of freedom and contribution.

Enjoy this guide! 

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