5-Step Process For Creating Online Programs

Have you been wanting to create an online program but been feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

You’ve seen so many crappy courses out there and aren’t sure of how to create one that focuses on client results AND makes you money?


In this video, I share the EXACT 5-step process I take my clients through to make results-oriented, profitable, and sustainable online programs, and the framework we use to make decisions for the bazillion of questions that come up when creating your first program.

So watch this now and FINALLY create that program that will change your business and your life.

Want to Discover Whether Creating an Online Program is the Right Move For You?


Hey there, Jane here. So, today’s video is going to be a meaty one, I’m going to share with you the exact process that I take my clients through when creating online programs, so you can get rid of that overwhelm that’s been weighing you down in your pursuit and effort to create your first profitable online program.

So, I know how overwhelming it can feel when you want to start something new, and especially something like an online program. Now, you know that’s the thing you will need to do, that’s the business model you want to adapt, because you want to create more wealth, you want to serve more clients, you want to leverage your time better, so you know… You already know all of that, maybe from my other videos, maybe from just knowledge that you have, yet how do you start, right? There’s so much information out there. You’ve probably downloaded some e-books, done some checklists, watched videos, hopefully some of mine, yet you still haven’t started, so I’ll tell you what you’re missing.

What you’re missing is a process. Creating something new takes a process and a strategic decision-making framework. Those two things are the keys, and so what I’m going to do today is share the exact process I take my clients through, as well as the decision-making framework that I have them use for the thousands, hundreds, however many questions come up along the way, so that you could take the overwhelm out of the process and finally create that program that you’ve been wanting to create. So, keep watching.

So here it is, a five-step comprehensive process that takes you not only to launch, but through what really counts for maximizing your impact, serving your clients and scaling your business. So the steps are plan, create, launch, serve, and scale. Before we move forward, it is important to know that this process is built on a foundation of integrity. Integrity takes two forms here. The first one is integrity to you, the program and business you create is in full alignment with your vision, values and goals. And the second form is integrity to your clients, the program will be created to serve them and provide value and transformation. And like I said, the process does not stop at launch. That would be a huge disservice to you and your clients, and just not the way we do business around here. So let’s go back to the beginning.

The first step to create your online program is to plan. Now, here at Scale Your Genius, we use a strategic planning approach, which is the decision-making platform that I mentioned in the introduction. This sets you up for ease in decision-making for all those questions that will come up along the way. Now, this process will clarify where you’re starting from, where you want to go, why you want to go there, and when we develop… And then we develop a specific plan on how to get there, because the greatest plan in the world is totally worthless if you can’t actually execute it.

So we start with your why. Without a strong why, it is hard to stay motivated with the process. Then we clearly define your there, both what you want your life and business to look like, as well as what the client results and transformation are as a result of your program. Where you are is an honest assessment of your skills, ability, resources, and the state of your business. It is very important to know your starting point to be able to create a clear path that takes you from your starting point to your destination.

The second step in the process is create. Now that you know where you’re starting from and where you’re going, you can create the program that will take you there. The creation process is done by having a laser focus on client outcomes and transformation, creating a program framework that takes your clients down the path to the [inaudible 00:04:04]. Now, your program is not an information dump, right? Information is free. Your potential clients, your clients can Google pretty much anything, so what you’re not providing them is information, you’re providing them a path to the transformation, and so that, with that in mind, is how you create a program that is really transformational for them and profitable for you. And then once you create that framework that is the path, you fill the framework in with high quality, well-thought-out and targeted content.

Now, once you have this framework and a plan, picking the right course platform, which is something that so many people think is a challenge, it becomes effortless, because you know exactly what you need it to do, you’re not looking for the platform to give you the answer. So in addition to program content, in this step we also create program dynamics, focusing on topics such as, do you want to offer group or individual support? If offering group support, what is the ideal group [inaudible 00:05:04] offering group support, what is the ideal group size? Do you want to close your doors, or accept clients on an ongoing basis?

So these are just a few examples, obviously there’s a ton of questions, and as I mentioned, we use the strategic planning framework, which is how you decide how to answer the questions, and the way you use it in these examples is you say, “Does it take me towards my vision? Does it take me closer to my goals? Does it take my clients closer to the transformation?” And it’s really a yes or no question model that helps you answer those questions and pick the right model and support structure.

Now, the third step is launch. So in the online course, online program world, everybody talks about the launch, but really it’s just one part of the process. Of course, it is an important one, since this is where you get clients, but it’s not the only part. So we focus on this [inaudible 00:06:04] by getting crystal clear on what launch day looks like, and creating and executing a strategy to get there.

So this is one of my favorite topics to work on with my clients, because there are so many misconceptions about what a launch needs to look like. You don’t want a big dog and pony show launch? Cool. You know that you don’t actually have to do that to have a successful program. Preparing for a successful launch day is understanding, envisioning exactly what day one looks like. This is the day you’re ready to accept paying clients, which will clarify what you need to have done by then, and help you create a plan and a timeline to get there. For example, how much of your content do you want to have ready on day one? What kind of technology do you need to get intimately familiar with by then? We also calculate how many clients you need to have on day one to meet your revenue and profit goals, so you can target your launch to that, instead of following some cookie-cutter advice.

Now, one note, [inaudible 00:07:04] how many clients you need on day one, don’t forget to calculate how much time it takes you to serve your clients in addition to the time it takes you to run your business and do all the other work, and make sure that you’re not creating a 60 hour a week business when what you really envision is like a 20 to 30 hour a week business, right? So integrity to you continues to be an important part of this process, in making sure that what you create is in alignment with where you want to go.

So the last part of the launch process is enrollment, this is where you actually talk to… You have the enrollment conversations with potential clients if you offer… If you’re going to offer individual support, or you create a launch of sales page where they can enroll themselves if your program is not going to offer individual support.

Step four of the process is serve. Here comes the part that is often missed. What do you do when you actually get your client? When your launch is successful, when the credit card payment has gone through, now what happens? It is important to create a client onboarding process, so that as soon as someone is ready to buy your program, you know exactly what to do with them. This will not only create amazing experiences for your clients, this will also give you more confidence during your sales and enrollment process, because you know exactly what’s going to happen as soon as that client says “Yes” to you.

And of course, great service does not stop at onboarding. As part of this process, we create a service strategy for the life of your program and beyond. How do you set and enforce healthy boundaries? How do you set and then exceed expectations? If you’re going to offer group support, how do you run groups that maximize the value of group dynamics without any of the potential detrimental effects? How do you create [inaudible 00:09:03], right? There’s a lot that goes onto this very important part of the process, and it is not one to be missed if sustainable, transformational and profitable program is your goal.

And finally, there is scaling. This is last because scaling magnifies everything. So the first thing we do is work out all the kinks, because you don’t want those magnified. Then we walk through how you will scale beyond the program that you just created. Maybe you’ll grow this. Maybe you’ll add tiers that can infinitely scale. Maybe you’ll create your next program for the graduates of this one. Maybe… You know, anything is possible. And we talk about how to decide what the right way to make those decisions is, based on that decision-making framework that you created in the planning step. What takes you closer to your vision and your goals? That is how you make those decisions.

So there you have it, the five-step process to building a business model of transformational, profitable and sustainable online programs. I invite you to finally take the step towards creating this for you. When you follow this process, answers to questions become clear, the overwhelm goes away because you know exactly the path that you’re following, the process that you’re following, and how to make all those decisions that come up along the way.

And so if you need my support to follow this process, and feel even less overwhelm and get even more clarity on how to answer all of those questions that come up, I offer an eight-week program where I take clients down this path towards creating and launching their first online program. All of those questions that come up, I provide you with very specific guidelines on how to choose the best answer for your particular situation, and I will hold your hand along the way.

So the link in this video will take you to an application form where you can apply for a discovery call with me to see if online programs are the right strategy for you, and if working with me would help you achieve your dreams faster and with less effort. And of course, if you don’t feel called to get my support and you’re ready to follow this process on your own, then do so, and please do let me know how it goes for you, I’m excited for you to finally get out of the overwhelm and create this program for you and your clients.