Top 10 Reasons To Create an Online Program

I love introducing people to the power of this business model.

Especially the skeptical ones.

And I see why people come in with skepticism. There are so many poorly done courses.

I was just a “victim” of one, once again, a couple of months ago. 

$597 (what is it with that price point in the online course world?) for 12 -45-minute videos of the coach rambling about the topic.

$597 I will never get back (yeah, I probably can ask for a refund, but it’s not worth the hassle) and more importantly, 540 minutes of my life I will never get back.

If you’re thinking – you, of all people – should have known better – I get it, but we all can fall for shiny marketing, right?

And so, here’s why most people come in with skepticism and why I’m making it my mission to change the game – shiny marketing is covering up doo-doo on the other side. 

Now, I don’t fully blame most of the creators of these doo-doo courses (some, I do).

We’re bombarded with messages of creating digital products, so we can sell them to the masses and go drink Pina Coladas on an exotic beach somewhere while our coaching businesses effortlessly make us millions of dollars. We’re told that we can reach millions of people by putting a “course” out there and doing a fancy launch for it.

And so, they create a course.

But that’s not what they’re good at. So, they put doo-doo out to the world.

The course flops.

Clients don’t finish the course.

Their confidence plummets and they go back to their old coaching model.

But in the process, I bought their doo-doo course.

Did you?

So yes, there are lots of crappy courses out there which turn experts away from ever wanting to create their own.

But guess what – there IS a better way!

And I’m on a mission to rid the world of crappy courses like this and help experts create awesome, results-oriented courses and programs that they can be proud of.  

Ones that actually focus on and create real, transformational results for clients. That are built on a foundation of integrity. That allow clients to take the fastest path to their transformations or results.

So why should you create one of those?

Here are my top 10 reasons:

1. It allows you to serve more clients! You love getting results for your clients, right? This model allows you to serve many more clients than you can in a 1-1 model and when done right allows the level of results and transformation to be as good as, if not better than your 1-1 work

2. It allows you to make more money. Who doesn’t want that? More vacations, less stress, more ease

3. It creates more freedom in your life. This business model allows you to work from anywhere and on your own time. While I recommend offering a level of personal support in most flagship programs, most of your content and assignments will be delivered via your program so your time together is minimized and laser-focused.

4. You can finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about, while your business makes money, and you have time to play!

5. You make enough money to finally outsource all those life and business tasks that are necessary but make you unnecessarily grumpy (like cleaning the toilets, picking up laundry, and managing social media posts)

6. Your contributions to your favorite charity increase and you finally feel like you’re making a real impact in the world beyond just you, your family, and your clients

7. You are creating an army of raving fans because you created an amazing client experience and are delivering results higher than you thought possible

8. You no longer make snide comments at your partner because your work no longer puts in in full-time pissy-pants mode

9. You can show up to all of your kid’s soccer games (or happy hours with friends) because you have a business that works around your life – instead of you working around it

10. You’re excited to jump out of bed every morning, ready to serve a full roster of your ideal clients

*none of these are guarantees. For example, if you don’t currently have children, you won’t suddenly have some so you can have soccer games to attend.

 Which of these resonate most for you?


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