You have a lot of expertise and you can help many people achieve their goals.

So packaging all of that into an online course or program is the way to go, right? 

Not so fast… 

If you want to create an online course or program…

that’s profitable AND gets your clients the intended results, there’s one key mistake to look out for. 

When this mistake is made, your course or program ends up being unclear and unfocused making it hard to sell, ineffective, and deemed as too expensive by prospects (even when it’s not). 

What’s this mistake?

Watch this video or read the post below to find out!

The most dangerous mistake to make when creating an online course or program is:

Not being narrow or clear enough in the topic selection.

This mistake is most commonly made by experts whose work makes a real difference. 

Why Experts are more likely to make this mistake

1. People whose work makes a difference want to make a difference on a bigger scale

Most often, these people are so eager to get their expertise out to more people that they fall into the common trap of thinking that they should try to help them all through this one course or program. 

2. It’s hard to know where to draw the line

As an expert, when you look at your vast library of knowledge – whether in your head or in books, videos, and articles already created – knowing how powerful it all is – you’re likely struggling deciding where to draw the line. What content should be included and what should be excluded?

You’re likely proud of it all and seen it be powerful for your clients so it’s tempting to want to include more of it. Big mistake. 

3. Course creation isn’t a natural skill for most service professionals 

You got to this level of success in your career because you’re good at what you do. And now that this vision of a scalable business where you can make more money and make a bigger difference without working more is right in front of you, you’re not quite sure how to do it “right”.

Your current service delivery model is dialed-in and you’re good at it. 

But how to bring value and guide clients to results when you’re not present for the interactions? It may feel a bit unclear. 

So the common answer to that is just to put more ‘stuff’ into the course. Hopefully some of it will work, right? Wrong. 

4. You’re not confident in your marketing so you think a broader topic = a bigger market = easier sales

This is an extremely common belief. But common doesn’t mean correct.

There are times in business planning where a larger addressable market is the correct strategic choice. This is not one of them. 

Well niched courses and programs are wildly more successful – both in terms of sales and client results – than broad ones.

When you try to create a broad course or program, here’s what you’ll experience: 

  • Curriculum creation will feel unclear and challenging. You’ll struggle knowing what to put in and what to leave out 
  • Once you’re done with it, it will be bloated and lack a defined client journey so it will be difficult to market and sell
  • Choosing the right price – the price that aligns profitability with perceived value – will be nearly impossible to choose 
  • You’ll struggle talking about your program and creating messages that [to] inspire people to take action 
  • People won’t feel compelled to enroll because they won’t feel that ‘this was made for me’ feeling that inspires people to buy. 
  • For the people who do get into conversation with you about the program – you’ll hear a lot of “this is too expensive” or “I don’t have the time”. Why? Because they’ll see things in the program that aren’t applicable to them so they will naturally see the price and time commitment as being excessive for what THEY need 

None of that gets you closer to your goals of helping more people in less time. None of that results in people who desperately want and need your support to be able to get it. 

On your – arguably well-meaning journey – to help as many people as possible you end up helping a lot fewer people than you can.

If you’re ready to make a difference in more people’s lives than you can in your current practice and to be handsomely compensated for it – do not miss the critical step of identifying a succinct topic that will help you create a program that’s desirable, profitable and and get the intended results for your clients.  

If that’s you I got something for you 

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Rooting for you!