30k Blueprint Bootcamp
Design the Blueprint for Your Signature Online Course or Program in Just 3 Days

So You Can Make a Bigger Impact & Add $10k-$30k of Income per Month ... Without Working More Hours 

In just one hour per day over three days, you will design your very own blueprint to create and launch an online course or program so you can:

🌟 Earn that extra $10k to $30k per month

🌟Serve clients in a powerful new way

🌟 And build a business that disconnects how much money you can make from how many hours you're willing to work

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During These Three Days, You Will Build Out Your Very Own Signature Online Course Blueprint and Discover:

✔ A critical step that many course creators miss that can make all the difference between a Crappy Online Course vs. an online course that is profitable, results-driven, and sustainable

✔ The one rule you must follow to ensure that your course gets results and easily attracts perfect-fit clients

✔ The exact process to map out the optimal step-by-step process to get your perfect-fit clients them from ‘here’ to ‘there’

✔ The Perfect Program Pricing Formula to price your course with clarity and confidence 

✔ Mindset shifts you can start practicing now to avoid self-sabotage and better enjoy the process

✔ How to communicate the value of your course or program to your prospects so that the right ones will say "Sign me up!"

✔ The perfect combination of short-term and long-term client attraction strategies so you can earn a quick return on investment (ROI) while building the foundation for long-term success

The 30k Blueprint Virtual Bootcamp Will Enable You To:
Be ready to create, sell, and deliver your signature online course or program so that you can earn that extra $10k-$30k per month
Package your expertise in a scalable and desirable way that gets your clients massive results 
Keep up with the demand for your services and increase your income without sacrificing time with your family 

And I saved the best for last!

I love to reward action takers! 

So if you watch all three videos and fill out your worksheets...

... you will have a chance to get your personal Blueprint reviewed by me (Jane) in a complimentary one-on-one zoom call! 

I look forward to helping you create and implement your Blueprint and earn that extra $10k to $30k per month!

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Meet Your Bootcamp Host:

Jane Sagalovich, CFA is the Chief Strategist at Scale Your Genius.

She founded the company in 2018
to help people whose work makes a difference in people’s lives make a bigger impact, make more money, and have more freedom in how they do their work.

Since founding Scale Your Genius, she has helped hundreds of qualified experts create and sell their online courses and programs with clarity, confidence, and ease.

With an M.B.A and a CFA under her belt, over 15 years in high-level corporate roles, and a  business owner and entrepreneur since 2014, Jane brings broad and extensive expertise in all things business and strategy and is gifted in distilling it into targeted and transformational client work using a powerful combination of logic, expertise, and intuition.

Originally from Ukraine, she now loves living the American Dream in Colorado where she gets to play in the beautiful Rocky Mountains surrounded by family and friends… while scheming her next international adventure.

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In their words

"Her expertise and insights were incredibly helpful in making it a better course plus she gave me the confidence I need to launch and market it"

J. Women's Empowerment Coach

"I got a great sense of what is possible and ideas for how I could create something on line that feels like me - something that has INTEGRITY!"

K. Mental Health Counselor 

"I've been having so much fun - just exploding with new ideas and creativity."

G. Registered Dietitian 

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